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3 Smart Tactics for Online Real Estate Prospecting

Time and again I see real estate agents telling stories of how their prospecting efforts never get them any real estate deal and how frustrated they feel by repeating the same process every day. In most cases, wrong choice of prospecting medium and method is the basic reason of failure. The real estate industry has…
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Building a Robust and Effective Real Estate Prospecting System

Those who fail to plan, they plan to fail. This saying holds true for real estate prospecting. I have been in the Atlanta real estate industry for more than 25 years now, and I am yet to see a successful real estate agent who doesn’t plan his/her activities. In my opinion, real estate prospecting is…
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Real Estate Prospecting: How To Create A Direct Mail Program

Even though the internet and social media are all the rage these days, traditional real estate prospecting techniques, such as direct mails and open houses, are still helping many real estate agents find attractive real estate deals in Atlanta. I have been using these traditional prospecting methods in combination with new, innovative techniques, such as…
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