The 15 Best Ways for Real Estate Agents to Get New Listings

In today’s frantic and fast-paced marketing environment, the “clutter” is getting increasingly complex by the day. This holds particularly true for a real estate agent in Atlanta, since the city is expanding at a very rapid pace. This is why it is so important for a realtor in Atlanta to know precisely ‘how’ and ‘where’ to generate the required leads that could be converted into sales. Let us take a look at some of the best tried, tested and proven ways of doing so:

o Create a ‘Zillow’ profile

These days the vast majority of people use the internet to look for an ideal deal. Zillow is one of the biggest real estate websites out there, which is why you should establish a presence on the website forthwith.

o Use ‘Door Hangers’ for a ‘door to door’ marketing campaign

A door hanger is completely different from the usual brochure that gets dumped into the waste bin without a second glance. Rather, a door hanger has to be physically removed from the handle of the door before the home owner can gain admittance. This means they are bound to look at it and give it his/her undivided attention, before disposal.

o Using LinkedIn properly

For most people, LinkedIn is just an ideal place for creating a business network. But, if used properly, it can also be an ideal way of generating leads for your real estate business.

o Capture easily convertible leads with home valuation websites

As the term implies, ‘home valuation’ websites will offer great seller leads due to the fact that they really know their job and that that is figuring out what your home is actually worth. As a matter of fact, many home valuation websites also offer prospective home sellers a (limited time) free home valuation, if they were to submit their contact information as well. This information can then subsequently also be used to capture leads.

o Learn to generate high value real estate leads via your very own website

A website is not just a simple addition to your marketing arsenal but it can in fact easily become the single most important component of your entire marketing strategy. You just need to keep the content updated and give prospectivevisitors enough value addition that they become ‘hooked’ to your site, in the form of blogs and eBooks that they could use to spruce up their own knowledge and skill set.

o Weave social media into your campaign:

There are many creative ways you can use social media to gain a following that in turn, could potentially lead to real world conversions:

  • Create an FB (Facebook) page exclusively for the promotion of your business
  • Always try and Tweet out the details of all your future ‘open houses’
  • Try and create short videos of your happy clients, team, listings, neighborhood events etc. And post the same on all of your respective feeds.
  • Be active on multiple platforms such as FB, Twitter, Instagram and so on and so forth.
  • Host live question and answer session at all of your ‘open house’ events and stream them on YouTube as well.
  • Create a series of Pinterest boards in a bid to showcase all of your listings
  • Become a reviewer for neighborhood museums restaurants, cinemas and carious other attractions.
  • Always try and ask multiple questions on social media so as to engage the general public at large
  • Make creative use of different hashtags for both popular as well as relevant topics to engage your audience

These are just some of the ideas that a real estate agent in Atlanta or any other city can use to generate new listings. For more information you can check out or log on to

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