3 Best Real Estate Prospecting Ideas

Profitable Atlanta real estate deals are seldom found by luck. You must put in your time and energy to find real estate leads and nurture them into clients. During my career as a million-dollar producer real estate agent, I have experimented with several real estate prospecting methods, some of which delivered great results Untitled3while others didn’t simply work. What I learnt from my experience is that real estate prospecting is all about being consistent. You cannot get a good number of leads by prospecting occasionally. To make your prospecting efforts successful, you should first develop a prospecting plan.

The first step of developing a real estate prospecting plan is choosing the right prospecting methods. There are a number of traditional and modern prospecting techniques being used by real estate agents these days. What’s important for you is to determine the right prospecting method for your specific business needs.

I am listing some of the prospecting method that we use at Platinum Real Estate and Luther Ragsdale.com. The final selection depends on your preferences and your target market. You can always consult me to get further guidance and coaching. For now, understand the basics of common real estate prospecting methods.

1.      Leverage Your Social and Business Network

Traditionally known as referrals, utilizing your social and business network to get more real estate clients is one of the most-commonly used traditional methods of real estate prospecting.

There are numerous advantages of using this real estate prospecting method. There is virtually no cost involved, plus it saves you the time spent on modern real estate prospecting methods, such as online prospecting. However, the success of this prospecting method depends on the reach of your network and your relationship with your past and current clients.

2.      Find Expired and For-Sale-By-Owners Listings

Using expired and for-sale-by-owners (FSBO) listings is a smart way of finding potential real estate clients. You can always find such clients in Atlanta real estate market who want to sell their homes all by themselves. As a progressive real estate agent, you should identify the opportunity in disguise and offer them your services. Let them know how you can help them extract the maximum value out of their real estate transaction.

Similarly, use expired listings to connect with the homeowners who were unable to sell their property due to any reason. Tell them how you can help them market their home to a large number of prospective buyers and help them get a good value for their Atlanta real estate investment.

3.      Establish Business Relationships with Unknown Prospects

Let me first tell you, cold calling has not gone cold. In fact, it’s one of the most effective methods of real estate prospecting. It provides you a chance to connect with a potential client who resides out of your social and business network, and to benefit from this opportunity, you should do your homework.

Use LinkedIn to get contact information of your prospects and phone them at the right time. Craft a short and interesting salesy message and come up with a plan to engage with the prospect.

Start with these three basic real estate prospecting methods and to learn the basics, download my eBook “Step-by-Step Prospecting System”.

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