3 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

When it comes to selling Atlanta real estate, every real estate agent has their own style and preferences. However, during my 25 years career as a real estate agent and real estate coach, I had the opportunity to meet and work with several seasoned real estate professionals, and I noticed that all of them had certain traits and habits that played a significant role in their career as a real estate agent.
When aspiring, enthusiastic real estate agents join Platinum Real Estate with the goal of having a full-service real estate firm of their own some day, I introduce them to these key habits. For my readers’ added benefit, I am listing the 3 habits of successful real estate agents here. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced real estate agent, developing these key habits of successful real estate agents can help you achieve your real estate goal of being a million-dollar real estate producer.

1.      Successful Real Estate Agents Provide Superior Customer Services

The number one trait that set apart successful real estate agents from average-performing real estate agents is superior customer services. Good real estate agents always put their clients’ interests first and are ready to go an extra mile to fulfill their real estate needs and expectations.
During my workshops at Platinum Real Estate and Luther Ragsdale.com, I always encourage my colleagues to strive to meet and exceed their client’s expectations. Atlanta real estate industry is a service industry and only a friendly and cooperative real estate agent can succeed in this competitive environment.

2.      Successful Real Estate Agents are Tech-Savvy

To survive and grow in today’s real estate market you must leverage the power of technology for your benefit. Gone are the days when real estate agents used files to maintain real estate listings. Today, you must the latest real estate apps and software to provide efficient services to your clients.
Apart from this, real estate prospecting and marketing is incomplete without technology today. With over 3 billion people using internet to connect with their friends and family and to carry out online purchases, you can no longer ignore online marketing.

3.      Successful Real Estate Agents Have a Strategic Plan

A lot of real estate agents make the mistake of entering the Atlanta real estate industry without having clear goals on the paper. They don’t have a definite plan of action as to how they will find their first real estate client and achieve their long-term career goals. On the contrary, successful real estate agents set SMART goals and develop a strategy to achieve them. In addition this, they have a monitoring mechanism in place to evaluate and optimize their prospecting efforts.
Based on my experience and knowledge of these principles and traits, I have developed a training manual that can help real estate agents escalate their career to new heights. If you’re interesting in reading my ‘Real Estate Agent Training Manual’, click here. You may also email at [email protected] to get more information on my training manuals and workshops.

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