3 Reasons Cold Calling Is Still The Most Effective Prospecting Technique

One of the most traditional methods, cold calling is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. Many people think the technique has lost its usage and is no longer effective. However, there are some strong reasons behind the fact that it is still an important and relevant marketing strategy.

Cold calling is defined as a telephone call to a prospective customer without any commercial appointments. It is one of the most common techniques used in aggressive marketing. Although the usage has substantially decreased since the dawn of the digital marketing era, it is still relevant and applicable in today’s marketing world.

So What Are The Reasons Behind The Effectiveness Of Cold Calling?

In this era of marketing, the salespersons are commonly using a passive approach to target their audiences. Indirect marketing is present everywhere. Be it social media platforms, online blogs or television ads, there is a strong focus on subtle marketing.

Aggressive Marketing

The customer is not aggressively pursued and not even approached directly. Cold calling will help in directly grabbing the attention of a prospective customer. Mostly email or SMS marketing or social media posts can be ignored – an answered phone call at least grabs the attention for some duration of time.

The main target of a marketer is to grab the prospect’s attention out of the many messages that are delivered to him/her in a day, then hold the attention of the prospective customer and persuade them to make the purchase. In cold calling, you have already succeeded at the first two steps. The attention has been grabbed and held – now it depends on you to make the sale.

Online Research can be Helpful

Many people argue that social media marketing and internet advertisement has totally vanished any consumer opportunities for cold calling. But this is not exactly the case; in fact, the internet is actually helpful in leading a successful cold call. Why? Because it will help prospective clients to search more about your services.

Quicker Response As Compared To Social Media Marketing

Another strong reason behind the effectiveness of cold calling is that it usually gets you a quicker response. Marketing through Facebook, Google, and Twitter can reach a large number of prospects within minutes. However, the response might take much longer. In most cases, the target audience does not even respond or give any signals that they have received the message. Whereas, a direct phone call can help you in exactly counting how much people were targeted and how many people were given the message. Cold calling won’t make you wait for long hours. The answer is direct, quick, and shows whether a prospect is interested or not.

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