3 Smart Tactics for Online Real Estate Prospecting

Time and again I see real estate agents telling stories of how their prospecting efforts never get them any real estate deal and how frustrated they feel by repeating the same process every day. In most cases, wrong choice of prospecting medium and method is the Yobasic reason of failure. The real estate industry has undergone considerable changes over the last decade and today, if any real estate agent wants to meet success, they must adopt the new real estate practices.

At Platinum Real Estate, I put special emphasis on adopting innovative techniques and tools for real estate prospecting. In addition to traditional prospecting methods like cold calling and letterbox drops, social media, internet marketing, one should try improving their chances of finding a good real estate deal with online real estate prospecting.

According to Placester, a company that produces specialized technology solutions for the real estate industry, 15 percent of real estate agents believe that cutting-edge technology is the best way to stand out from the crowd and to stay successful.

To help my readers extract maximum value from digital technology, I am listing 3 ways one can find real estate prospects on the web.

1.     Search Real Estate Prospects on Twitter

Twitter is probably the best social forum to find real estate leads online. To find real estate deals on Twitter, one should first find the keywords that online users might be using to find properties online. This is like a hit and trial method. Using the Twitter search function, you can search and test multiple keywords. For example, enter ‘Atlanta real estate’ or ‘home in Atlanta real estate’ and see which one of the two brings you the most result.

Once you have a list of Twitter users who are using these keywords, you can follow their account and let know about your services.

2.     Redesign Your Website

Your website is your business card in the online world. To build your identity as the premier Atlanta real estate company, you should develop a website that’s responsive and user-friendly. According to a news story by the Wall Street Journal, more than 50 percent of the page views of real estate listings occur through a handheld device. So, make your website mobile-friendly to offer great user experience and get a better ranking in the Google search results.

3.     Use Real Estate Apps to Find More Deals Online

There are some great real estate apps available for free online which are sure to make your real estate prospecting journey more convenient and fruitful. The number one app on my list is Zillow. Using this app, you can find several types of properties available for sale for free. Another is ePropertywatch.com. Signing up to their service is free and easy. The best thing about this website is that it allows you to customize your search and find properties available for sale in your locality.

For more information on online real estate prospecting, download my eBook “The Viral Noise – Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents”.

For more information, visit Luther Ragsdale.com or Platinum Real Estate.com.

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