3 Twitter Marketing Strategies You MUST Use As a Real Estate Agent

Social media marketing holds great potential for real estate agents who want to reach a large number of prospects in a quick and cost-efficient way. However, I have seen that most real estate agents tend to limit their efforts to Facebook and LinkedIn only.

If you want to fuel your real estate marketing strategy, capture more leads, and win more customers, you should consider establishing your presence on the world’s most famous micro-blogging platform – Twitter.

You probably already have a personal account on the platform and you know how to tweet, retweet, or start a conversation. But in this article, I am sharing some really effective Twitter marketing strategies that will produce tangible results for you.

1. Posting a Cold Tweet

As you have probably already guessed, Cold Tweet takes its name from cold calling — a traditional prospecting technique every real estate agent uses even today. The purpose of a cold tweet is to spark a conversation and pitch your services to a prospect.

To post a cold tweet, you need to first find a prospect who’s located in your geographic farm. Let’s say that you want to connect with people from Atlanta. To find prospects, go to https://twitter.com/search-advanced and enter Atlanta as your target location. You will now see a list of people who are located in Atlanta. See what they are tweeting about and post something relevant. For instance:


Your goal should be to connect with as many prospects as possible and nurture them into customers.

2. Give to Get

This golden rule applies to Twitter marketing as well. If you want your content to be read and shared by a large number of users, you should retweet the content posted by others. Cross-promotion works really well on Twitter.

A rule of thumb is that only 20 percent of your tweets should promote your content. The remaining 80 percent should be either retweets or tweets containing links to an authority website or a famous real estate blogger.

3. Find Quality Leads

While Twitter offers you an opportunity to connect with millions of potential customer, it can be really difficult to find quality leads. The platform is home to over 20 million fake profiles. If you don’t want to waste your time on nurturing fake leads, use Manage Flitter. This is a useful tool that makes it incredibly easy to filter quality leads and get improved results from cold tweets.

These are a few ways you can use Twitter for prospecting and nurturing leads into customers. If you are interested in learning more about online marketing, you may register for my upcoming workshop here. You may also browse through my collection of real estate books and manuals here and invest in the one that offers you the information you are looking for.



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