3 Useful Tips When Dealing With A Senior Client

Due to the improvement in medical technology, more people are now living past the age of 70 and 80. A lot of senior citizens are also highly rich and possess plenty of resources. The recent stats show that currently, around 20% of the total population is above the age of 60.

There is also a large number of senior citizens who are actively involved with the real estate market and are always buying or selling their properties.

This is because of obvious reasons. Since senior clients are older and more financially stable, they have better resources and means to get involved in real estate transactions.

But despite their financial stability and higher levels of education, the senior citizens are also at a higher risk for developing mental and physical disorders. Be it Alzheimer’s or dementia, both are extremely common among people over the age of 65 and can seriously impair their reasoning and memory which can cause some difficulty when making certain negotiations, settlements and decisions.

I have seen many people who can easily deal with young or same aged people but fail to communicate effectively when it comes to senior clients. There are some tips I can suggest that you should use when dealing with an elderly client and these tactics will definitely help you in winning and retaining your senior customers. So, what are those? Let’s check!

Respect Your Senior Clients

The most essential tip I am offering you is to respect your elderly clients. They have years of life’s experience and a lot of things to teach the younger generations. You should make sure that while making the final deal with them, you and your customer service officers treat them with the utmost respect while maintaining a professional relationship at the same time.

Prefer Verbal Communication with Them

Most of our senior citizens are not very efficient in using technology. They prefer face to face verbal communication. Therefore, it is better to call them than send a text message if you want to converse with them.

Give Complete Attention

This is another tip you should definitely keep in mind when dealing with an elderly person. You cannot win the trust of an older client if you don’t give them enough attention. Due to their age, life experience and the position they have been in, they usually expect higher levels of attention and courtesy when dealing with anyone. They will not continue business with you if they feel undervalued or underestimated.

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