3 Winning Blogging Tips For Real Estate Agents

One of the best ways through which real estate agents can establish a positive impression on clients and other professionals in the field is blogging. I have, been in the real estate business for over 25 years, I can guarantee you that real estate blogs, if well written, have the potential to increase the outreach of your business remarkably.

Throughout my extensive career, I have written numerous real estate blogs; these blogs have answers to everything you need to know regarding the real estate business, and are available at my websites: Platinum Real Estate and Luther Ragsdale.com.

If you are a real estate agent and desire to be extremely successful in 2017, effective blogging is what will help you outshine others in the industry. To help you grow, I am willing to share some useful blogging tips that will play a key role in securing you a top position in the world of real estate.


Be Authentic and Strategic

Real estate sales is not about dramatizing and presenting a disordered narrative of the reality. In order to be successful, you need to be authentic and strategic. An essential requirement when it comes to writing real estate blogs is not presenting a fabricated image which will cause readers to immediately lose interest in the blog. In fact, misdirecting the readers will earn you nothing but aversion and contempt.

I have learned that real estate blogs that are authentic and conform to reality are the ones that are effective. You should keep in mind that your readers will be real estate customers and agents who will be looking for credible information and your blogs should give them just what they require.

Be Focused and on Target

Through my personal experience I have felt that writing blogs on elaborate topics such as real estate is not easy. I have been in the industry for 25 years and, having an extensive knowledge of the real estate world, it becomes extremely difficult for someone like me to stay on point when writing.

Because the topic of real estate is so complex, there is a high tendency for many bloggers to go adrift as they write. One idea in the blog may relate to another and the other to yet another leading the writer to go completely off topic. The skill you need to master to become an exceptional blogger is staying focused on the topic you intend to write on. Remember that readers want to-the-point information regarding certain queries and might be annoyed if they feel that the information presented is wandering about.

Be Visually Attractive

Blogs that are visually appealing to readers have lasting impacts on them. From what I have observed, poorly formatted blogs tend to scare the audience away. To have a profound influence on readers, you need to increase the visual charm of your blog.

Try to include pictures in the blog, make short paragraphs, use colors and avoid complex structure formatting; these will communicate your message in a better way and will attract readers toward your blog. This blogging tip is something which will distinguish you from other ordinary bloggers.


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