4 Atlanta Real Estate Investment Trends to Look Out for in 2016

A high demand for real estate, increasing job and business opportunities, and sky-rocketing housing prices are some of the factors that contributed to expanding the Atlanta real estate market. The market remained true to the predictions of Home Buying Institute which had predicted and included it among the top 10 housing markets to look out for in 2015.


A recent report released by PwC puts Atlanta, GA, real estate among the top 5 markets. Clearly, the market shows no signs of slowing down on expansion, so here I am with top real estate investment trends to expect in American and specifically in the Atlanta market in 2016.

1.     Atlanta Real Estate to Include among 18-Hour Cities Trend Version 2.0

Although the real estate investors are always on the hunt of 24-hour gateway cities, but 18-hour cities are becoming more profitable by offering bipolar support to small businesses and real estate market. The 24-hour gateway cities include cities like Washington DC and New York, which have now also become saturated markets for small businesses.

Secondary cities like San Diego, Austin, and San Antonio tend to offer more opportunities for small businesses. But 18-hour cities like Atlanta offer a capacity for both, resulting in increased real estate demand and hiked up property prices. I believe Atlanta GA real estate agents can make bigger profits from 18-hour cities.

2.     Closure on Higher Median Sale Price

Expected to show numbers among top 7 American markets, Atlanta, GA real estate market is definitely going to offer huge opportunities for investors to make big in 2016. Zillow and Home Buying Institute predict higher than median price closure of Atlanta real estate market, so what should you do as an investor?

I believe you should focus more on commercial real estate in Atlanta than the residential market. Commercial real estate deals usually end up with bigger profits as compared to residential deals.

3.     Summer for Sellers and Winter for Buyers

Apart from nationwide predictions, we can also rely upon Atlanta real estate market to decide about profitable deals. The market has persistently shown trends of summer favorability for sellers and winter favorability for buyers. So I think it would be quite safe to predict that summer 2016 would be more favorable to sell properties at higher prices and winter would be more favorable to buy properties at lower prices.

4.     Infrastructural Innovations for Improved Lifestyle

Atlanta, GA, is going through major technological and infrastructural innovations which is not only improving the value of city but is also adding numbers to boost property prices. Currently, one of the major developments includes government incentives for water-efficient appliances and equipment for reducing the effects of intense droughts. More infrastructural innovations are expected to be seen in 2016 which will not bubble up property prices but would definitely add one to two numbers to their market values.

As an experienced real estate agent, I believe Atlanta, GA real estate is a wealthy market for beginners as well as experienced investors. It is difficult to predict anything about 2017 but it is definitely a good place to begin making big business in 2016.

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