5 Real Estate Blogs an Agent Must Follow

The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, in order to keep up with the change and provide improved services to their customers, a real estate agent must follow a few real estate publications and blogs that are known for publishing authentic information on real estate market dynamics and trends.

As a real estate coach, I always tell my real estate agents that if they want to excel in their Atlanta real estate career, they must keep themselves updated with what’s happening around them. Here are the 5 real estate blogs that I recommend my real estate agents to follow.

1. Trulia

Trulia is an excellent resource for real estate agents, as well as home buyers and sellers. The blog not only contains how-to guides, tips and tricks, and general real estate information, it also publishes details of the noticeable real estate deals in specific neighborhoods. So, it’s a good source to keep yourself abreast of the recent changes in property prices, as well as real estate demand.

2. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is a must-follow blog for any real estate agent who wants to build a rewarding Georgia real estate career. The blog regularly posts valuable content for real estate agents dealing in commercial and residential real estate. In addition to this, there are detailed articles and whitepapers on a variety of real estate topics, such as mortgage, real estate marketing, etc.

3. Redfin

Redfin is a lot different from other real estate blogs as it presents the same old boring information in a more fun way. As a result, the blog not only contains an extensive library of easy-to-read but informative articles, but is also a great resource to learn about new housing trends popular among Millennial homebuyers. There is a complete section titled ‘Real Estate News and Analysis’ that contains latest real estate news and statistics.

4. Placester Academy

From whitepapers and e-books to infographics and videos, Placester Academy maintains a complete library of high-quality real estate content. You can use the information published on this blog to find and close more deals in your Atlanta real estate career, as well as use it as a resource to write articles for your real estate blogs.

5. Platinum Real Estate

Platinum Real Estate is a leading real estate brokerage that maintains an informative real estate blog. You can find in-depth articles on a variety of topics, including home buying and selling, prospecting, property management, home inspection, real estate trends, and more. I personally write all the blog post.

Follow these 5 blogs and I am sure that will find them really helpful in your Atlanta real estate career. If you are interested in learning more about how you can grow as a real estate agent, you may register for my upcoming workshop. To register for the workshop, please visit my website. You may also browse through my collection of real estate books and manuals here and invest in the one that offers you the information you are looking for.



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