7 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Things have totally changed in this not-so-new century for everyone. My years of experience as a real estate coach and Broker/C.E.O. of Platinum Real Estate have seen ideas, information, and contracts moving from papers to different screens and keyboards. Now, when the world has digitalized, keeping ourselves in self-centered shells can lead to professional turmoil, which means that it has become necessary to adapt to Untitled8digital trends.

The best way to digitalize your real estate services is to incorporate Atlanta real estate apps into your daily grind. But choosing the best working apps from the ocean of apps may be a little difficult. Here are top 7 apps I have picked for your ease.


Available free of cost for Android, Apple and Windows devices, Zillow is an all-purpose real estate app that allows you to access untouched or hidden properties, customize search filters, find extra searches, and more features like MLS listings for more customized and facilitated searches.

Homesnap Real Estate

The 54.2 MB app is available for Apple devices only including iPhone, Apple smart watch, iPad and Apple TV. Its basic version is free of cost but Pro version is available at $30 only. The app allows users to upload property images, its location, and hidden details like paint, home maintenance and various others.


Your prospect might want you to provide information about the location of property, political infrastructure, markets, average number of residents, commuting trends, popular places, and other such data. It is difficult to find the related information on search engines every time. So the easy way out is to use Sitegeist app that gives you all the necessary data related to property on just one tap. Sitegeist is available for free and support Android and iOS.


Get rid of the hassle of storing document files on USB drives and save all your data on Dropbox. It provides you up to 2GB free storage. Dropbox is a simple solution to save and even share the documents with your customers and prospects without the hassle of scanning or printing them. You can also download and edit notes. Dropbox is compatible with all operating systems.


Emergensee is a free app for users of all operating systems. As agents are always on the go, they are more vulnerable to different types of crimes like theft and kidnapping. Emergensee is basically a personal security system that records videos and audios and send data about your location to personal safety contacts with the help of GPS.

Mortgage Calculator

As Atlanta real estate agent, you are already aware of changing prices. Calculators are essential for all real estate agents. Gone are the days when we used to recommend real estate agents to keep calculators in their pockets. Mortgage Calculator app is specifically designed for calculating mortgage for a specific timeframe.


Contrary to the name, Todoist is not just a to-do management app. It is actually much more than that. I use this app with its Google Chrome add-on. It allows me to directly click, add, and schedule emails in Todoist. With the help of Todoist, you will never miss a meeting, an event, or an activity. Above all, you don’t need to check your inbox thirty times a day to schedule activities.

Apart from these apps, there are many fun apps like Dubsmash which can not only make your profession interesting but also make you stand out of the crowd. Dubsmash can be used to advertise properties, promote your business, or communicate with your customers in a fun way.

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