Best Practices of Developing a High-Converting Real Estate Website

Developing a real estate website is not just about providing your prospects a place where you can learn all about your business. It’s about creating a high-performance website that not just drives traffic, but converts prospects into customers as well.

If you are ready to give your Atlanta real estate career the much-needed boost by designing a killing real estate website, here a few best practices that you can use to enhance its conversion potential.

Opt for a Responsive Design

Half of all homebuyers use a mobile device to browse through the internet and search listings. Therefore, in order to reach those prospective customers, you must make your website mobile-friendly. Opt for a responsive design that adapts itself automatically to different screen sizes without impacting the readability of text and quality of images.

Pay Special Attention to Content Placement

Make sure that you add content your webpages that in such a manner that your customer can get all the required information at a single glance. Now, this isn’t to say that your website should not have a scroll bar at all. Instead, the purpose is to include important information, such as your contact details, discounts and promotions, and a navigation bar at the top of your website so that it’s easily viewable to your customers.

Design an Easy-to-Fill Contact Form

Contact form remains one of the primary lead generation tools for most real estate agents who want to build a rewarding Georgia real estate career. When designing your contact form, you may find it tempting to capture as much information as possible about a prospect by adding more fields to your contact form. But it’s important to understand that more number of fields will reduce the chances of your contact form being filled in the first place by the customer. Therefore, keep it short, simple, and quick.

Add Listing Search Filters

The purpose of designing a real estate website is to make it easier for your prospects to find their dream home. To ensure this, offer your visitors the flexibility to filter listing search results on various parameters, such as neighborhood, property type, zip code, minimum square feet area, maximum price, etc.

Make Your Contact Information Visible On Every Page

Make it easier for your visitors to get in touch with you by placing your contact information on every single page of your website. This not just includes phone number, email address, and postal address. Your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connect buttons should also be present on every page.

Using these 5 best practices, you can enhance the conversion potential of your website and close more real estate deals in your Atlanta real estate career. To get more tips and tricks on building a rewarding Georgia real estate career, you may browse through the collection of eBooks I have written for real estate agents and invest in the one that you think will benefit you the. You may also register for my upcoming workshop to learn in detail about various real estate marketing tools and techniques


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