Career Outlook For An Atlanta Based Real Estate

So do you find your heart’s calling with house rates and selling of properties? Is one of your passions buying, selling, and maintenance of houses? Real estate might be the career for you! As experienced personnel in this niche, I can say that the career opportunities for real estate agents are growing wide and fast. There are more opportunities now than ever before!

Career Opportunities and Real Estate Market

The current career outlook for an average real estate in Georgia, Atlanta is extremely uplifting and promising. According to the recent statistics, a real estate agent in Atlanta earns much more than other states on an average. The whole state of Georgia is promising for a real estate agent; however, real estate agent in Atlanta has especially abundant career opportunities. With the constant construction, buying and selling of properties, increasing immigrants to the state, real estate agents in Atlanta are getting more and more career opportunities. According to a recent estimate, the average income for a real estate agent in Atlanta is around $39,518, on an average – which is higher than many other professionals.

The annual $39,518 is an average and it also includes all the inactive and part time real agents who do not work regularly in the market niche. This shows that the opportunities for a real estate agent are extremely high for Atlanta if the business is marketed properly. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, employment of real estate brokers will increased by 11% in this decade.

Atlanta is full of opportunities for emerging and aspiring real estate agents. Learn more about your career opportunities as a real estate agent in Atlanta on my blogs Luther and Platinum Real Estate People around the world are shifting to the city for many reasons. It is one of the highly preferred places for relocation due to quality educational institutes, ideal weather conditions, and reasonable costs of living. In fact, Atlanta is becoming one of the most preferred destinations for international students around the world.

So, there are some things important to know if you plan to make a career in real estate agency. They include:

  • It is usual for a real estate agent to be self employed. You will work irregular hours, set your own schedules and routines and be your own boss- in most of the cases.
  • With a handful experience working in the real estate business, I believe marketing is the key if you want to be among the top agents. There is no other quality or product being delivered. You can only increase your profile through sufficient marketing and developing PR.

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