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What We Do

Empowering Individuals to take Control of their Real Estate Career

Platinum Real Estate is a full service real estate firm specializing in assisting, training, and empowering real estate professionals build wealth by purchasing and selling real estate. We are committed to aiding YOU take control of your real estate career. We empower agents to retain all their earnings for themselves, and avoid involving third-parties and/or brokers and hence, paying commissions and other desk fees.

Why We Do It

We believe in self-sufficiency, innovation, and change.

Sadly, various elements in the real estate industry have erected barriers to allow such change. We want agents to be in complete control of their income, time, business, and not their brokers or some third-party. We know how YOU and various agents are tired of sharing 10% -50% of their hard-earned commissions with broker and other involved third-parties. We know how some individuals do receive 100% commission but are not accorded broker support, coaching, and education to empower them to expand their business.
We believe it is unfair.

We have borne witness to the way the internet, a recent recession, and competition, has completely revolutionized almost every industry and every sector of the economy. As a result, the old model of real estate — where the broker controlled the MLS and the broker itself was the only person responsible for providing most of the new prospects to the agents — has eroded.

Now buyers can easily search for new homes on their own online. Hence, the individual agent, YOU, can control more and earn more if you have the right system in place.

We want the individual agents to receive a bigger share of the pie, and if possible, to have the complete pie! We want YOU to be paid in turn for YOUR hard effort. We want you to have a new system to increase your income using our proven system.

How Do We Do It

Establishing a New Business Model for Real Estate Agents

We believe that the old brokerage model has outlived itself.

We believe agents can become self-sufficient real estate professionals, sellers and businessmen if the internet revolution is incorporated through a new brokerage model:

  • A model employing a new way of training, coaching, and empowering them
  • A model that lets YOU grow your business, rather than act as an agent who completes transactions
  • A model that allows you to transact business any where, any time, using our prioritized system.

In a phrase, a new model that benefits the agents. A You-Centric model, if you may.

A model that will allow you to enjoy all the returns you have earned from using the property you have found, shown, and led the deal through. In a phrase, a model that would allow you to earn more than $63,000 annual as a part-timer, and or $127,000 or more with full-time dedication.

A model that would let you enjoy a vacation, fund your children to go through college, pay off the mortgage, and more.

A model where it really is up to you, because:

  • It’s your work…It’s your money…You decide how you want to spend it.
  • Gain Access to Our Multi-Million Dollar Program and Business Model – for FREE!
  • Become a Part of the Platinum Real Estate Team

What Will You Gain by Joining Us?

By joining the PRE team, you will gain direct access to Luther Ragsdale’s Multi-Million Dollar Producer coaching program developed in response to the changing real estate market. This step-by-step system is proven to help real estate agents sell over 2 million dollars worth of real estate in 12 months.

At Platinum Real Estate all of our agents have a written multi-million dollar real estate agent business plan for success created by our Broker/CEO Luther Ragsdale.

Here are just a few benefits you will receive as a Platinum agent:

  • Broker support
  • Paperless system
  • Weekly training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Receive your check at the closing
  • Free CE credits thru our real estate school
  • Written step by step plan so you know exactly what to do to be successful

One-On-One Coaching

At Platinum Real Estate, we do not focus on the masses.

We believe in tailoring our coaching to the individual agent. Hence, we do not just operate with a classroom like structure still employed by various large nationals chains. Classrooms limit the amount of knowledge and experience that can be transmitted to agents, resulting in higher rates of failure.

Such training is the remnant of the old model, best suited for brokers and not agents.

When you join our team we will coach you on a one-on one basis and assist you to be successful in your real estate career. Unlike various mom & pop-operations lacking in structured training/coaching, and support, all of our training and coaching sessions are structured and backed by extensive support. We make sure that every minute you spend with us delivers value to you.

Our proven system have helped our agents become very successful and achieve their personal goals and retire, pay off debt, pay off homes, put children through college and much more.

What Makes Us Different From All the Rest

We give you all the benefits of the national real estate firms with a small family type feel. We believe in quality education, one on one coaching, and quality broker support.
Furthermore, we are committed to aiding you retain ALL of your money and invest it in business and to grow your business more rapidly. We understand how in real estate, your single largest annual expense is almost always the money paid in commission, fees, and percentages to your broker.
However,with PRE, the real beauty of our system is the broker’s compensation is based on your personal plan not just monthly fees and/or transactional fees or percentages.
As a result, you have complete autonomy to address your client’s demand right at the listing table.

Take Control of Your Wealth and Your Business

To start your career with Platinum call today at 404-513-5677 or complete the contact form below.

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