How to Choose the Best Specialty as a Real Estate Agent

When I started my real estate career almost 25 years ago at Platinum Real Estate, I decided to serve the masses. I served both residential and commercial clients and helped them find their dream homes or perfect corporate facilities. But being a full-service real estate agent required great amount of hard work and dedication. Today, the real estate industry has transformed completely, and if you want to survive and succeed in this industry that offers numerous Atlanta real estate agent careers opportunities, you must choose a real estate niche or specialty.

Here, a question arises – ‘why choose a real estate specialty?’ The answer lies in the purchasing patterns of today’s consumer. Whether it’s about buying a pair of shoes from a specialty store or visiting a neurosurgeon, the consumers today prefer to get services from a ‘specialized’ provider. Therefore, in order to better serve your customers’ needs, you must choose your real estate specialty. This also brings you advantages related to efficiency and productivity. With time, you develop skills and experience in a particular specialty and become an expert of that niche.

So, to help you become a ‘real estate specialist’, I am listing 4 different specialties that you can consider and some tips to help you choose a specialty that best fits your personality, interests, and skills.

4 Different Real Estate Specialties

When browsing through Atlanta real estate agent careers advertisements, you’re likely to observe reputable real estate firms like Platinum Real Estate looking for real estate agents specializing in the following niches.

  • Residential Real Estate – Real estate agents specializing in residential real estate help people buy, sell, or rent residential properties of all types.
  • Commercial Real Estate – As the name implies, real estate agents specializing in commercial real estate deal in properties intended to be used by businesses or for other commercial purposes.
  • Vacation Homes and Rentals – Agents specializing in this niche help people buy their second homes. The volume is not as high as in residential or commercial real estate, but since vacation homes are expensive, you’re likely to earn more commission per deal if you choose this specialty.
  • Land Sales – Just like vacation homes, land sales offer you greater commission per deal. However, finding prospects in this specialty is difficult and usually requires an extensive real estate network.

At Platinum Real Estate, we offer Atlanta real estate agent careers openings in all these four niches and many others.

How to Choose the Best Specialty

When choosing a real estate specialty, it is important that you keep the following three things under consideration:

  • Your previous experience
  • Your interest
  • Your career goals

If you aim to become a self-made millionaire real estate agent like myself, you may consider dealing in luxury real estate or may be commercial real estate. It is also very important that you consider your personality traits, your interests, and your previous experience when choosing a real estate specialty.

Using this information, you can choose the right real estate specialty and begin your career in this lucrative industry called real estate. To learn more, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and view my video lectures and tutorials. Also, don’t forget to download the free eBook on social media marketing and register for my upcoming workshop ‘To List is to Last’ as you’re sure to enjoy and learn a lot from them. To get more information, visit Luther and Platinum Real Estate.

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