How To Choose The Right Real Estate Coach

Over the past few years, due to uncertain economic conditions, the need for a real estate mentor has been strong felt by real estate firms and agents. These mentors and coaches have helped thousands of their clients drive their business and career to success.

I have been in real estate coaching industry for more than 25 years now, and have coached thousands of agents at Platinum Real Estate and Luther During my career, I have observed that just like any other industry, the real estate industry also has some crooks who charge a high fee for their services, but fail to make any significant impact on the success of their clients. Therefore, if you are looking for an experienced coach who can guide you to your ultimate objective — success, it is important that you do your research and choose a real estate agent who has the knowledge and experience required to drive your real estate success.

To help you find such a real estate coach, I am listing some characteristics that you should look for to determine if the real estate coach will be able to provide you support and guidance in your career.


There are a number of skills that can be learned only by experience, which is why, when choosing a real estate mentor, you should first consider their experience. Experienced real estate mentors are not only equipped with the knowledge it takes to thrive and survive in the real estate industry, they also have developed their negotiation skills and prospecting techniques over time, and should be able to find you more deals and clients.


Real estate industry has become a highly specialized industry. So, if you’re planning to build your career in a particular niche, you choose consider working with a real estate coach who has specialized knowledge and experience about it. For example, if you aim to serve retired people only or want to deal in high-end luxury properties, you should choose a real estate mentor who has a proven track record of serving clients in this particular market.

On the other hand, the best real estate coaches like Luther Ragsdale, should be able to offer you valuable help, regardless of your niche and target market.


Real estate coaching is not just about mentoring. In order to find success, you need to work with a real estate coach or mentor who has built their own real estate firm and who allows you to leverage on the tools and techniques they have developed over time. For example, Luther Ragsdale is one of those very few real estate coaches in Atlanta who have their own full-service real estate brokerage firm. Platinum Real Estate is a great firm for agents who want to put their career on a fast track.

So, before choosing a real estate coach, consider their experience, niche, and resources. Choose the one who is most suitable for you and you are likely to build an impressive career in this lucrative industry.

To learn more, you may read my blogs on Luther and Platinum Real Estate or download my free eBook ‘Social Media for Real Estate Agents’. I have set up a YouTube channel as well where you can watch my videos.

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