Why Create a Real Estate Facebook Page to Target More Leads?

You may think all you need to market your real estate business online is your website, but with the rise of social media, online marketing dynamics have drastically changed. Now your Facebook page is also one of the most effective conversion tools as a real estate agent. The social media giant gets more than 1 billion active users, and for real estate agents looking to buy and sell property, it doesn’t get any better.
There are endless possibilities for engagement, and once you set up your Facebook page, you can target more leads and reach out to more home buyers and sellers easily. Most real estate agents are still hesitant to set up their own Facebook page, since they don’t understand how it will benefit them. I have been in the real estate industry for more than 27 years, and run my own Facebook. This places me in the ideal situation to inform you about the benefits of setting up your real estate Facebook page.
I am also going to discuss how that page will allow you to market to people from all demographics and attract more leads easily. So, let’s begin:

What Do You Gain from Creating a Real Estate Facebook Page?

There are lots of reasons why real estate agents should be using social media as a marketing tool. There are countless benefits, and it will take a long time to go through them all. So, I have discussed 3 of the main reasons why you should create a real estate Facebook page.

1. Drive traffic to your website

All digital marketing experts agree that your real estate marketing website must be the cornerstone of your digital presence. That is because you own your website completely, and that makes it your digital asset, which you can grow and nurture. That is why you should integrate your Facebook page into your website, and this will allow you to drive traffic through your Facebook page to your website.

2. Reach your target audience for free

Anyone that has worked in the real estate industry, will tell you that one of the hardest things to do is lead generation, which is also very expensive. There are hundreds of companies selling CRM, software, leads, and even swiss army knife combinations in the market. This makes it difficult to target a specific demographic and market to them. However, this problem is solved through your Facebook page, which lets you not only reach a wider target audience, but without costing you anything!

3. Build influence and get more referrals

The real estate industry is built around relationships, which means you will need to nurture and grow your influence to continue reaping the benefits. This means you should focus your marketing efforts on building relationships with clients, instead of focusing on generating leads. It is also known as relationship marketing, and it is one of the best ways for real estate agents to close more deals and get more referrals.
Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the internet, and that makes it the ideal place for real estate marketers to educate, and entertain their target audience. If you want to learn more about why you should create a real estate Facebook page to target more leads, check out my YouTube Page, and visit Lutherragsdale.com today.

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