Discover the Power of Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

There can be no denying that social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for real estate today. I have been around for the better part of 27 years in the real estate industry, and have witnessed first-hand the difference social media has made. Real estate agents have realized the immense potential of marketing on social media platforms like Facebook. It increases interaction with home buyers and sellers, leading to more business for their real estate agency.

This has brought about a shift from conventional marketing methods as more real estate agencies look to take advantage of Facebook. To be successful in their marketing efforts on social media, real estate agents require real engagement, social content curation, and a smart strategy. One of the main reasons why Facebook marketing has become popular among real estate agents is because it is simple, easy, cost-effective, and saves time and money.

Facebook Sponsored Stories and Ads

The purpose of Facebook advertising is to engage your target audience by developing and posting relevant content. You need to mold your social media strategy around that, because if you don’t create excitement and value through your content, you won’t get great results. Facebook provides plenty of different options for paid advertising, which include sponsored stories and banner advertising.

Sponsored stories are the future of Facebook marketing, since they ensure your content reaches out to everyone on Facebook, in their news feed.

One of the best things about Facebook marketing is that you can target specific demographics, which is great for real estate agencies targeting a specific area. You can promote your content based on the online behavior, homeownership status, age, income, and location of your audience.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

There are plenty of benefits for real estate agents through Facebook advertising, which include:

· Ad optimization

You can optimize your Facebook ads through Facebook pixel, which lets you optimize for website conversions. With Ad optimization your ad will be shown automatically to audiences with the best chance of converting.

· Conversion measurement

You can track your target audience once they have viewed your ads on different devices. You can do this by creating a Facebook pixel, and place it on the pages of your website where conversions take place. This will provide you with information regarding which customers are converting through your Facebook ads.

· Adjustable

You can also retarget your website visitors through Facebook advertising. The adjustable nature of marketing lets you change the targeting, length, and budget whenever you want. The strategic flexibility afforded to your advertising campaign, results in higher conversions.

· Cost-effective

You don’t need to break the bank for your marketing efforts since Facebook is cost-effective and highly efficient in real estate marketing. The best part is that you can monitor your campaign, measure conversions, and determine ROI before spending more on your campaign.

· Reach

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook marketing for real estate agents is that they can reach out to a national and global audience easily. There are lots of Facebook advertising tools that allow you to target any type of market, based on your budget.

If you want to learn more about Facebook marketing for real estate agents, check out my YouTube page, and visit today.

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