Is Email Marketing a Useful Tool for Real Estate Agents?

You must have heard about email marketing, but if you’re not sure about its usefulness to a real estate agent, this post is for you. Over the past few years, real estate marketing has completely transformed. Techniques that were used almost ten years ago have been replaced by newer prospecting and marketing methods, particularly social media marketing and email marketing.
So, if you’re looking to benefit from the numerous Atlanta real estate agent careers opportunities that are available to you, you should consider overhauling your prospecting and marketing practices. Become one of the top producers using these techniques and you’re sure to become a highly paid real estate agent in a reputable real estate firm, such as Platinum Real Estate.
So, let’s have a look at how using email marketing can benefit you in your real estate career.

1.     Use Emails to Chat With Your Prospects

I am sure this sounds absurd to you, but it’s true. Traditional marketing techniques such as mail outs don’t really provide you an opportunity to ‘chat’ with the prospect. Using email marketing, you can deliver interesting information to the customer and convince them to continue the conversation. For example, I use emails to inform my readers about the free eBook that I am offering on social media marketing on Luther You can do the same and use emails to deliver any kind of message that you think your prospects will find interesting. But don’t forget to add a call to action, it’s mandatory.

2.     Email Marketing Pays You Back

Sounds interesting? According to Direct Marketing Association, the return on investment of email marketing is as high as 4,300 percent. Also, you require little or no investment to start an email marketing campaign. So even if you’re not a part of a reputable firm like Platinum Real Estate or if you’re working on your own, you can design and execute an email marketing campaign easily, particularly if you’re skilled at graphic designing. All you need to do is to capture email addresses of your prospects, develop a newsletter, and send it out to your mailing list. What’s the result? You are sure to get enquiry calls from several of your prospects, and probably, a profitable real estate deal as well!

3.     Email Marketing is Your Customers’ Favorite

Yes. It’s proven that a large majority of individuals prefer receiving marketing messages through email, not phone calls. Therefore, even if you’re getting good results from cold calling, you should consider using email marketing in combination with your current marketing practices to earn maximum benefit. At Platinum Real Estate, email marketing is an integral component of our online marketing strategy, and so far, we have remained successful in capturing a significant percentage of our leads from it.
Email marketing is of great significance to individuals who don’t want to spend hours browsing through Atlanta real estate agent careers advertisements in order to find a job. Use this effective marketing technique to establish your own real estate business.
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