Attracting Prospects that Translates into More Business and closings

Luther Ragsdale’s Real Estate, Marketing, Prospecting & Business Development Seminar

“Master the Art of Crafting The Magnetic Pull - Attracting Prospects that Translates into More Business and closings”

  • Want to become a multimillion dollar producer?
  • Eager to learn how to efficiently target & find your prospects; effectively engage them & close successful deals?

Though every aspiring real estate agent dreams of becoming a millionaire but not everybody manages to realize it. Those who do realize their entrepreneur dream are the ones who know the art of prospecting.

Crack the Code to Successful Prospecting. Learn the secrets, tips and techniques to crafting the perfect strategy to attract your potential customers by Registering for Luther Ragsdale’s Upcoming seminar on Real Estate Marketing, Prospecting & Business Development.

Cost: FREE!
***Real Estate Agents receive 3 hours of CE credits***

Who Should Attend?

All Atlanta real estate agents who:

  • Aspire to become multimillion dollar producing real estate agents
  • Are looking for new and proven ways to attract clients and maximize sales
  • Are searching for valuable insights on how to grow their business online
  • Want to increase market outreach

About Luther Ragsdale

Luther Ragsdale is a self-made multi-millionaire and one of the nation’s well-known, successful and most respectable names in the fields of real estate, business and wealth building.

At present, Ragsdale is a C.E.O of 4 multi-million corporations including the renowned Platinum Real Estate Enterprises.
He has nearly 3 decades of experience in the real estate field and knows what works when it comes to real estate prospecting.

About the Workshop

To compete successfully in today’s overly aggressive and ever-changing real estate landscape, how you market your business and communicate your brand message to your prospects is crucial. Over the years, the dynamics of marketing and attracting real estate clients have changed dramatically. Relying on traditional methods to attract prospects will not work anymore. Real estate entrepreneurs and agents need to step up their game - learn new marketing strategies and craft the magnetic pull - to attract targeted customers and maximize sales. And this is exactly what you’ll learn in this seminar.

Headed by Luther Ragsdale, this workshop is exclusively designed to help aspiring real estate agents recognize the best marketing strategies to grow their business. Leveraging his wealth of experience, expertise and industry knowledge, Luther Ragsdale will share his proven strategies, best tips and valuable insights for successful real estate prospecting.
This seminar will explore emerging technologies and marketing methods that can more efficiently communicate your business message, establish a strong identity and attract potential clients.

What to Expect?

Here’s what you will learn during this seminar:

  • How to attract quality buyers and potential sellers looking to list properties
  • How to farm your market and obtain market share
  • How to identify the tools to use to prospect and grow your business
  • How to draw customer traffic to your real estate business
  • Four stages of the sales funnel
  • How to create the best marketing strategy and perform an audit
  • Best ways to do a research for marketing ideas
  • How to promote your business online
  • Strategies to optimize content
  • Best methods to promote content
  • Striking deals for content distribution
  • Significance of link building
  • Why is it important to measure results
  • How to unlock the power of social media
  • Basics of blogging for a real estate business
  • How to promote your website and much more

This Is Your Chance To Learn The Art Of Prospecting, Leveraging The Internet To Grow Your Real Estate Business And Optimize Profits.

Cost: FREE!
***Real Estate Agents receive 3 hours of CE credits***