Bad Credit Loan! FHA & Other Creative financing ideas

FHA & Other Creative FHA loans are backed by the Federal Housing Authority. FHA has been insuring mortgages since 1934 to help families and individuals become homeowners. It continues to be a popular homebuyer choice.

When you attend we will cover the following topics:

  • Low down payment of 3.5%.
  • Variety of loan terms.
  • Requires upfront and monthly mortgage insurance.
  • Flexible income, debt and credit requirements.
  • Down payment and closing costs may come from a gift.
  • Fixed rate and adjustable rate loan options are available.
  • Seller contributions for closing costs are acceptable up to 6%
  • Requires less cash up front for your closing costs and down payment.
  • All income levels qualify.
  • Mortgage limits vary by county.
  • Loans are assumable when it’s time to sell your home.
  • A non-occupant co-borrower can assist you in qualifying for the loan.