• Do you want to increase your annual income by buying and selling investment properties?
  • Do you want to create passive income and become debt free by investing in real estate?
  • Do you have a real estate license and want to maximize your license by investing in real estate?

This workshop offers you all you need to establish and build a career
in the real estate industry.

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About the Workshop

Low interest rates. Booming economy. And a flood of local and overseas investors searching for investment real estate in Atlanta. Now is the time to build a rewarding career specializing in investment properties.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to achieve financial freedom and build a career and fortune in real estate. Here, Luther Ragsdale will share with you all the best-guarded secrets of real estate wealth building, and above all, his tried and tested real estate investing methods.

“Being a successful real estate agent requires time, effort, and planning. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a investor looking to increase your income and build wealth, you need to understand real estate investing. With this workshop, I aim to benefit the real estate community by my knowledge and experience with them. It’s a quite comprehensive workshop covering all the major areas of real estate investing, including calculating ROI, Flipping, investing principles, wholesaling, buy and hold, residential, commercial, and much more.” - Luther Ragsdale

Learning Milestones of the Workshop

  • Step-by-step process of becoming a successful real estate investor
  • Creating passive income by investing in real estate
  • Creating a successful real estate investing plan
  • Identifying your target markets and developing customized investment strategies
  • Analyzing real estate properties and calculating ROI
  • Residential vs Commercial properties
  • Purchasing properties with OPM (Other peoples money)
  • Creative ways to purchase properties with no or little money down
  • How to use your real estate license to purchase real estate
  • Earn a real estate commission on every transaction
  • How to become debt free by investing in real estate
  • Pros and cons of wholesaling, flipping and buy and hold
  • Learn how to put your life on auto-pilot by living off of rental income
  • Becoming a full-time real estate agent by specializing in investment properties and:

o How to know when you’re ready to take the leap to becoming a full time investor
o Managing your finances
o Analyzing your productivity as a full-time real estate agent and investor

Who Should Attend

“This Wealth building and real estate investing” is a must-attend workshop for anyone who wants to build fortune by investing in real estate. The workshop benefit:

  • Real Estate agents wanting to purchase properties for your personal use
  • Real estate beginners who want to learn the tips and tricks of real estate investing
  • Real estate agents wanting to specialize in representing investors
  • Inactive real estate agents who want to relearn the processes and understand the new, dynamic of real estate investing
  • Registration is limited to the first 100 registrants, registration is on a first come first serve basis.

So, register today to lay the foundation of a successful real estate career.


About the Presenter

Luther Ragsdale, the renowned name of Atlanta’s real estate industry, is the presenter of this one-day workshop. He is a proud self-made multi-millionaire real agent and the CEO of Platinum Real Estate, a full-service mega brokerage firm.

With over 27 years of real estate experience under his belt, Luther Ragsdale has mentored and coached thousands of real estate agents and has inspired them to achieve new career heights.

Luther has conducted several workshops, training and coaching programs, and seminars on real estate prospecting, investing, and wealth-building. He is the author of several top-rated real estate eBooks and training manuals.