How to Find Success in the First 6 Months of Your Atlanta Real Estate Career

So, you have obtained your real estate license and are ready to transform your dream of becoming a real estate million dollar producer into reality. Congratulations, but let’s be realistic – to achieve your Atlanta real estate career aspirations, you need a lot more than just your real estate license.

Here’s is a quick action plan that you can use in your first six months as a real estate agent and find success in your Georgia real estate career.

Know that You’re in Business

Real estate is not something you can take lightly. It’s a business and to thrive in your career, you need a business plan. Define your goals and objectives in terms of goals and lifestyle and then choose your geographic farm accordingly. For example, if you want to earn $200,000 a year and the average commission in a particular neighborhood is only $5,000, you need to either re-evaluate your goals or choose a different geographic farm.

Create a List of People You Know

In the beginning of your Atlanta real estate career, referrals are likely to remain the primary source of lead generation for you. Therefore, create a list of all the people you know within and beyond the real estate industry. Identify how many of them want to or will want to buy or sell a home in the near future and focus your prospecting efforts on them.

Hone Your Selling Skills

While a real estate school can provide you all the theoretical knowledge you need about buying and selling a property, to gain practical experience, you should partner with a real estate mentor. Working alongside them will polish your negotiation and networking skills and will benefit you a lot in your Atlanta real estate career.

Advertise Your Services

Nothing’s free in this world. To capture leads, you need to spend some money on advertising your services. Consider investing your money in real estate lead generation tools, such as Zillow Premier Agent, Redfin Partnership Program, etc. In addition, you may also consider publishing sponsored posts on Facebook to reach your target audience.

Keep Learning

Success in real estate doesn’t come easy. What’s more, it’s a constantly evolving industry. Therefore, to stay competitive, you must stay updated with what’s latest in the real estate industry. Read blogs by renowned real estate experts, attend various workshops, and read real estate books by real estate legends to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to excel in your Georgia real estate career.

By following these tips, you should be able to find a reasonable number of leads in your first 6 months as a real estate agent. To learn more about real estate marketing and lead generation, you may browse through the collection of eBooks I have written for real estate agents and invest in the one that you think will benefit you the most in your Georgia real estate career. You may also register for my upcoming workshop to learn in detail about various real estate marketing tools and techniques.


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