Free Online Resources for Real Estate Agents

I have been in the market for many years now and can confidently say that a lot of your success in real estate depends on your ability to use online resources. A lot of real estate agents today do not know how to utilize the easily available digital resources. Many are not even aware about their existence. To flourish as a real estate agent, you should use various free online resources that can help you in achieving success in this business.

The effective use of the right online resources will surely result in getting the best results for your real estate business. Being an experienced real estate broker, I can surely tell you that the success of your business as a real estate agent directly depends on your ability to use online tools.

It is very important to know some important online resources for real estate. Although there are a lot of resources present on different websites for real estate agents, most of them will cost you a subscription fee. Here are some important tools that you can use free of cost!


Zillow is an online platform for connecting real estate agents with buyers and sellers. It is highly recommended for any real estate agent today to have a presence on this network. A lot of real estate agents do not own physical offices today and are working solely on Zillow. Working on Zillow can help you in becoming a brand in the niche of real estate business. It is currently the largest real estate network online.

Breakthrough Broker

Breakthrough Broker has created a set of free real estate marketing materials for your use, including brochures, postcards, business cards, and more.

Breakthrough broker is a very popular online resource among top real estate agents. It is a free site and can help you with the marketing of your agency business. It provides sufficient tips, techniques, and guidance to successfully attract a large number of clients and flourish as a professional. It will help you in understanding the exact niche market of real estate agents. It is an extremely resourceful online site. It also helps in creating effective strategies for your business, attractive marketing templates, subtle tricks and techniques, and breakthrough success plans.

Real-estate ABC Calculators

It is also another online platform for understanding various real estate updates. The website also provides a free calculator for all the mathematical estimations including mortgage payment calculator, cost of living calculator, principal, interest, taxes & insurance etc.

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