Great Tips for Creating Killer Real Estate Ads on Facebook

Real estate agents today have realized the importance of social media in targeting clients, and Facebook as the leading platform can be used to sell property. Real estate agents, have realized they can easily generate leads by creating captivating marketing campaigns on Facebook, and stay relevant in the industry. In the old days, real estate agents had to rely on networking in their town, going door-to-door with friendly smiles, and even posting information on bulletin boards at supermarkets.
Nowadays, they can harness the power of social media and reach out to a wider audience base without putting in the hard-yards. They still need to put in a lot of effort into creating killer real estate ads on Facebook, but they don’t need to exert any physical energy. A recent study has revealed that the average person spends about 35 minutes every day on Facebook!
This gives the real estate agent an incredible opportunity to target these people by creating killer real estate ads that capture their attention. Real estate is visual, and Facebook is just like that, which means that there are lots of great options for real estate agents to target their ideal clients. Every real estate agent knows about Facebook advertising, but most fail to create a strategy to attract buyers and sellers.
If you want to maximize your real estate clients by capturing their attention, here are some of the best tips for creating killer real estate ads on Facebook:

1. Targeting through location, demographic, interests, and behavior

Facebook is an incredibly popular social media platform, and this makes it perfect for real estate marketers to advertise new listings. The best thing about Facebook is that it allows advertisers to customize their target audience based on different metrics. This helps them target specific groups of people, and ensures their ads are visible to the right audience. You can advertise by targeting through:

  • People “likely to move”
  • By zip code
  • By income
  • By home ownership
  • By age ranges
  • A lookalike audience

2. Bring your properties to life with video

One of the best ways to create killer real estate ads is by using the power of video to bring your properties to life. Not many real estate agents have used video enough in creating ads, which is why it places you at an even greater advantage. Video ads get more engagement, and are likelier to get results than traditional ads, which is why you should consider it.
To ensure your target audience is impressed with your video ads, standout by making videos of your team, instead of getting paid actors, since that adds a more personal touch and builds trust.

3. Use testimonials and reviews to instill trust in your services

If you want your real estate ads to start getting results, you must focus on building trust with your target audience. The best way to do that on Facebook is by using reviews and testimonials on your advertisements. Let your customers do all the talking for you, and notice how other people start noticing your brand and engaging with you on Facebook.
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