How To Get Buyer Leads From Twitter

In all my years in the real estate business, I have never known anything as important as generating buyer leads for the ultimate success of your business.  As a real estate agent, you need to realize the importance of lead generation.
All successful real estate agents continually build and manage their contact database and, at the same time, use new and innovative ideas to maximize their success.
Going around your neighborhood and talking to people is certainly an important aspect of generating leads as a real estate agent. The human aspect of such an extremely important decision cannot be ignored and people still want to meet their agents in person. However, social media is also coming into its own and Twitter is of the best social media platforms out there when it comes to lead generation.

Why Twitter?

As an aspiring real estate agent, you cannot ignore Twitter because it is probably one of the best platforms out there that can help you generate leads for your business. It provides you with not just the power of a small tweet, but rather the opportunity to create a dialogue with thousands of potential clients down the road. Twitter is great marketing tool because it is very simple to use and set up, and best of all, it is completely free.
Here are a few other reasons why it’s so important to use Twitter as a real estate agent:

o   Directing traffic to your site

Twitter works to easily help direct traffic from the social media platform to your website and, by extension, the properties that you may have listed there. The process is simple: the more often you tweet, the more you will be able to get your name out there where it counts the most and where people will be able to see what you can offer them. Twitter has a highly dynamic search feature this is invaluable for a real estate agent who wants to target large numbers of individuals based on their location and interests.

o   Befriending Your Fellow Agents

Sometimes, becoming friends with another agent and sharing their tweets can also be very beneficial for your business. This is because this type of niche and geo targeting can also help real agents reach out to the networks run by other agents. You will be able to generate leads in different localities and thus create a symbiotic relationship. For example, if an agent has clients in an area he does not operate in and you do, you will be able to benefit from his network and vice versa.

o   Promoting Your Blog

Another way to generate buyer leads on Twitter is to use the platform to popularize your blog. Twitter is right now the premier website to promote content on the internet. A few value added blogs can go a long way in increasing your popularity, provided they are placed om the right platform.

o   Video Adverts

Do you have a video advert? If the answer is yes, you can share it on twitter to get multiple responses in as short a time frame as possible. And, of course, the bigger your network, the more your potential clients will be able see your listings, up close and personal.


Twitter is the most happening platform for agents who are interested in buyer leads through twitter advertising. If you want to more about  generating leads through twitter and other social media platforms, you should get in touch with me at [email protected]. Apart from that, you can also log on to for more information on this topic.

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