Using Email Marketing to Follow Up with Clients and Close More Deals

Email marketing seems to have made quite a comeback and is all the rage these days. This is because of the many smartphones that are directly linked to the email addresses of their respective users. Since email appears as a push notification on a phone, there’s a high possibility that it will be checked. This means that unlike old emails, there is no need for a user to boot up a PC or laptop and log into his mailbox so that he would be able to access his mail.
Here, it is pertinent to mention that push mailing is both reliable and quite inexpensive as well as long as you have selected the correct target audience. It is bound to pay dividends in the long run. A well thought out e-mail campaign can quite easily generate very high conversion rates provided you have done your homework properly enough.

o Email Marketing Can Be Highly Targeted

Unlike most ATL and BTL mass marketing activities, e-mail gives you the ability to both control and determine exactly who sees your email. Your target audience can be pre-set on the basis of lead status, geographical location, demographics, or any other criteria that you think possible.

o It Can Lead to Higher Conversion Rates

Targeted emails will be of great help in making sure that your target market only receives the specific content that has been created for them. From a real estate agents perspective, it is possible to customize your core message with regard to your individual readers, thus helping to generate a high conversion rate, especially when compared to other more expensive marketing media.

o Emails Can Be Shared Very Easily

What can be easier than clicking the ‘forward’ icon? If your email is good enough to capture the attention of the reader, then there is a very high chance that they will also go right ahead and forward it to their contact list. This way, your mail may go viral amongst your target audience and beyond.
If your readers start forwarding your mails, they also effectively become your very own brand ambassadors. Having an actual endorsement from a friend or family member will add considerably more value to your mail than if the same were to be shared by a complete stranger.
If you follow the above method, your business, as well as your brand, will definitely gain greater credibility in the long run. Emails are also one of the best ways of following up with clients and making sure that the deal closes in your favor.
These are just a few uses of email marketing in the realty business. If you want to know about this topic, you can check Apart from that, if you are really interested in making a career in this field, you can get in touch with me at [email protected]. You can also register for my upcoming workshop at

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