Hidden Facebook Features that All Real Estate Agents Should Know

Marketing on Facebook isn’t easy for real estate agents, even though the latest figures have shown that there has been a massive increase in real estate agents on social media. The future of real estate marketing on Facebook is bright, but to ensure that you get the right results and stand out from others in the industry, you must employ something different. Fortunately, for you we have just the thing, since there are a lot of hidden Facebook features that you can use to gain the upper-hand in Facebook marketing.
So, here are the hidden features that all real estate agents should know about:

1. Schedule future Facebook messages

Timing is everything when you are trying to advertise on Facebook, and you must know about the optimum time to post or message on Facebook. You can do so with Sendible, which is a great tool that lets you schedule Facebook messages ahead of time. This is a great tool for interacting and engaging with customers and clients.

2. Use messenger to transfer files, send money and share maps

You can do a lot of things through Facebook messenger, apart from just send messages. You can share mapped locations, transfer money, and send images from your mobile instantly. This not only saves time, but helps you inform your customers quickly.

3. Use Facebook Notes

If you have been using Facebook for a long time, you will know that you can share client stories or highlight a milestone by featuring it in Facebook Notes. It is like a personal blog post that allows you to share whole paragraph texts, and images like a Facebook post. You can save it and publish it whenever you want to.

4. Save news feed posts for later

Facebook plans on making big changes to their News Feed, but there is one feature that you should know about it. There is a ‘Save for Later’ feature, which lets you save posts and read later whenever you want. This is a great feature, because it helps you, catchup on the daily news stories when you have time, without getting caught up in them.

5. Wow clients with 360-degree pics and vids

This feature isn’t really hidden, because the ‘360-degree’ photos and videos have been popping up all over Facebook. However, have you thought about impressing clients with 360-degree videos and pics of homes that you are trying to promote? It is a gamechanger, because it allows you to look at different angles and in all directions from your desktop.
You can give your followers and clients an immersive experience with ‘360’ and notice the number of followers that jump up on your Facebook page. It will also keep everyone engaged with your page.
If you want to learn more about hidden Facebook features that all real estate agents should know, check out our YouTube channel, and shop at our store today! Feel free to contact me for all your real estate needs 404-513-5677 or [email protected]

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