Prospecting to the New Millennial: This Is What You Should Do

I firmly believe that different times call for different approaches. However, many real estate agents are still stuck in a time warp of sorts. They have no idea how to adjust to the new tactics and opportunities that the digital world has opened up for them. But it does not have to be this way at all. There are various ways that you can reach out and convince the new age Millennial to close a deal with you.
Let us review a few such methods.

Go Online

As a real estate agent looking to target millennial clients, it is imperative that you understand that the internet is the very first place that your potential millennial clients go to when looking for a home. Gone are the days, when they used to search their desired neighborhood for real estate agents or check the yellow pages of a telephone directory.
Now they will simply ask Google for a real estate agent near me and move on from there. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you should be prepared to engage them in the digital world in such a way that the interaction would lead to real-world business.
It is not that difficult.  You have to set up a website and start sending personalized emails to prospects. You can even work on creating your own social media presence with detailed FAQs on what is available out there.

Publish An Online Newsletter

You should create a monthly newsletter and send it to all the prospects in your database. A newsletter filled with highly relevant information can be one of the best ways to leverage your email marketing campaign. It will enable you to contact various new leads and also stay in touch with former clients as well.
Apart from that, it is also a really great place to share highly relevant content such as market reports, upcoming open houses, or any recent blogs that you might have posted on your website.

Embrace Facebook as Your New Best Friend

Facebook used to be a social media platform only. But times have changed, and today’s savvy millennial uses it to search for various products and services. This makes it a really valuable marketing tool for real estate agents.  Once you learn to use it properly, it will help you to increase your prospective buyer and seller leads.
In addition to advertising, you can create and use the Facebook Groups option to include your target prospects and bring them on the same page. Facebook Live is also another great feature that allows you to post 360-degree photos and videos of your listings.
Facebook is now gearing towards a more business-oriented look and feel, and you can easily take advantage of it to increase your satisfied client portfolio.


If you want to learn the art and science of prospecting to the new millennial, you should definitely get in touch with me at [email protected]. Apart from that, you can also log on to for more highly relevant information on this really important topic. Please visit my website and register for my upcoming workshop.

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