Learn Why Advertising on Facebook is so Important for Real Estate Agents

If you are marketing on Facebook, you must be familiar with Facebook Ads, and the significance they hold. As a real estate agent, looking to use Facebook for lead generation, Facebook Ads are the best investment you are going to make. I have used it extensively, and have found that you can generate enormous returns on your investments with Facebook Ads. The difference between success and failure lies in how you are using Facebook Ads to market yourself.

I have over 27 years of experience in real estate and can help you learn why Facebook Ads are so important for real estate agents. Here is what I have learned from my own experience:

Real Estate is Personal

The biggest financial purchase a personal is every likely to make is going to be a house, which is intimately tied to how they look at themselves. Home buyers prefer working with real estate agents that are local and who they can trust. If you are looking to general leads from Facebook Ads, you must speak to individuals on a personal level.

You can do this on Facebook by paying to promote your business page to your target audience. The more you connect with your audience by sharing engaging and informative content, the higher your chances of attracting home buyers that trust you as a reliable source.

Real Estate is Visual

People looking to buy homes will only be impressed by homes visually at first. Ask any homeowner and they will ultimately choose a house that is beautiful and is visually aesthetic, before they start considering other factors. Real estate is visual, and so is the internet. You will notice your Facebook feed filled with images and videos of all types, and it is something you must use as well.

Try posting visually appealing images, and videos to promote new listings on your Facebook page. Make sure you embed your website link on the post, so genuinely interested customers immediately get in touch with you.

Real Estate is Data Driven

As a real estate agent, you know that real estate is driven by data, but most customers don’t understand data, or get scared by the numbers, since they don’t know what they mean. It is up to you as a real estate agent to present data in a manner that is easy to understand and doesn’t bore your target audience to death. Facebook Ads help you target people based on their current location, and where they are considering living in the future.

You can take advantage of targeted Facebook Ads being marketed to people, based on their location, and the place they want to move to.

Real Estate is Emotional

Real estate is a visual industry, and whether you want to believe it or not, emotion plays a major role in the industry as well. People get excited about homes, get attached to places, and want to be the first person to buy a property. Whether a person is buying or selling a place, there is emotion involved, because of feelings like excitement and fear.

People are emotional, and they want to be hopeful, inspired, and want to dream. That is why they have visions of their dream home, and have plans of a certain lifestyle they want to lead. Facebook Ads help you use the emotional and visual nature of real estate, and help you connect on a personal level with home buyers and sellers.

If you want to learn more about why advertising on Facebook is important for real estate agents, check out my YouTube channel, and visit Lutherragsdale.com today.

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