How to Make Effective Use of Hashtags In Your Social Media Posts

How to Make Effective Use of Hashtags In Your Social Media PostsWhen I started my real estate career over 25 years ago, I had only conventional marketing tools available, such as direct mail or cold calling. In the last two decades, the marketing landscape has transformed considerably, and today, a real estate agent has more modern and effective marketing tools available. For any real estate agent who’s looking for Atlanta real estate careers opportunities and wants to build a career in this industry, it is importantto know how to make effective use of these marketing tools.

So, if you are ready to take advantage of the numerous Georgia real estate career opportunities, this blog post will help you by teaching you how to use hashtags in your social media posts effectively.

1. Keep Hashtags Short and Simple

In order to enhance the searchability and reach of your marketing posts, opt for short and simple hashtags. For example, instead of using ‘become a real estate’ as a hashtag, use ‘Atlanta real estate careers.’ In addition to using hashtags that are specific to your post, don’t forget to add some generic hashtags relevant to the real estate industry. Here are a few examples:

  • #Realtor
  • #RealEstateAgent
  • #FindaHome
  • #HomesforSale

2. Use Two or More Hashtags

In order to avoid using lengthy and complicated hashtags, consider using two or more hashtags. For example, if you are advertising an open house in Georgia, you may use three different hashtags, including #Chicago, #OpenHouse, #BuyaHome. Similarly, if you are marketing a real estate job, you can use #Georgia #RealEstate #Careers in place of ‘Georgia Real Estate Careers’ which is a very lengthy search term.

3. Test the Hashtags You Use

In order to know if your marketing tactics are working or not, always monitor and measure the response you get after the posting an advertisement or social media post. For example, compare the number of leads or enquiries you get from a social media post containing #RealEstateCareers as a hashtag to another post in which you used #RealEstateJobs. This way, you can know which hashtags are working better and use them in your upcoming posts to generate a better response from your target audience.

These were only a few tips that you can use to make your social media marketing efforts more effective. To learn more about how to make the most of Atlanta real estate career opportunities and win more qualified leads, you can register for my upcoming workshop in which I will discuss the various marketing tools and strategies used by real estate million dollar producers. To register for the workshop, please visit my website. You may also browse through my collection of real estate books and manuals here and invest in the one that offers you the required information.

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