The Pros and Cons of Being a Real Estate Agent in Atlanta

Real estate business in Atlanta is booming, which is why so many people are going for it. But this is not the only reason. It is the kind of profession that allows you to actually work with people and for the people in order to bring them something good. The satisfaction or joy you see on getting clients to the house of their dreams is something that is unrivaled. But is it something that you should pursue? Why and why not? Read on to find out all the pros and cons of going into real estate in Atlanta.

Pro# 1 —Setup Ease

It is one of the easiest business setup that neither takes too much money nor too many efforts on the part of the agent. What you basically need is good information on local properties and strong interpersonal, networking, and communication skills. However, your network can be developed on job over time. You can easily complete your training by working under some licensed real estate agent and then create your own startup. In Atlanta, GA, real estate agents who are already working are pretty helpful so getting a true mentor won’t be very difficult.

Con# 1 —Its Risky

Even though the start-up itself may not be too difficult, there are still no guarantees that your business would flourish easily and successfully. This means that uncertainties remain. Hence, you need some solid backing from a real estate mentor who is willing to help you out.

Pro# 2 —Creates Independence

You are going to become your own boss when you become a real estate agent. This means that you decide what time, days, and hours you work. The best part about being your own boss is that you can continue real estate agency as a side business, once that you continue after coming back from your day job.

Con# 2 —More Responsibility

If you are your own boss, you are responsible for pretty much everything, from opening shop to making sure that every operation is running smoothly. This can become rather hectic for people who are not used to working on their own. If you think you are not able to handle every aspect of business on your own, it’s best to become either a partner or join some agency.

Pro# 3 —Earning Potential

Real estate agents earn some of the best wages in the market. This is because they don’t have to work with only one client at a time but can have multiple projects at hand if they can juggle them efficiently. Once your reputation is built in Atlanta, clients will seek you out without any prominent efforts on your part.

Con# 3 —Inconsistent Income

The income can be erratic and irregular. You can earn more than thousands of dollars one month and not ear more than a few hundred the other. This is of course an example, but it gives you the basic idea. Also the cash flow at the start of your own real estate business can be very slow because it takes time to set yourself up as someone reliable and proficient.

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