Real Estate Prospecting: How To Create A Direct Mail Program

Even though the internet and social media are all the rage these days, traditional real estate prospecting techniques, such as direct mails and open houses, are still helping many real estate agents find attractive real estate deals in Atlanta. I have been using these traditional prospecting methods in combination with new, innovative techniques, such as social media marketing, to achieve greater results.
Today, I will be discussing how one can create a direct mail program and use it efficiently to get more real estate deals. The greatest benefit of running a direct mail campaign is that it allows you to share detailed information about your business or services with your prospective clients. Also, it’s a great way to introduce your business to the individuals who cannot be reached using cold calling or social media.
So, to help you get advantage of this traditional yet effective technique, I am sharing the tried and tested method of created a direct mail program. The same program is used by my real estate agents at Luther and Platinum Real Estate.

The 3-Step Method of Creating a Direct Mail Program

Step 1: Develop a Mailing List

The first step of creating a direct mail program is to put the contact details and other relevant information of your prospects in writing. This helps you determine the resources you’ll need to send newsletters to your prospects.

Step 2: Create the Mailing Piece

This is the most important step where you’ll be working on the content and design of your newsletter. Since you’re spending your time, money, and efforts on running a direct mail campaign, you want to extract maximum value from it, and this can only be done if the content of your newsletter or brochure is compelling enough to make the reader know more about your business.
To get detailed information on how you can create a compelling mailing piece, read our article on “Tips to Write an Engaging Real Estate Prospecting Letter.”

Step 3: Running the Direct Mail Campaign

Once you’ve prepared such a brochure or newsletter, you’re ready to disseminate it. I suggest my real estate agents at Platinum Real Estate to run a trial campaign first. Choose a small sample and send your brochure to them to test their response. If the trial campaign delivers you the desired response, you can run the full fledged campaign to reach more prospective customers.
Remember that an effective direct mail campaign that generates good response will require you to respond to the queries of your prospective customers in a proactive manner. So, have a response plan in place. Make sure that your response plan identifies the individuals who will be responding to the queries of the customers. If you’re running your direct mail campaign all on your own, consider designating an hour or two of the day for this purpose.
Using these three simple steps, you can create your own direct mail program. To learn more about real estate prospecting, keep reading my posts on Luther and Platinum Real Also join me January 23rd, 2016 for my FREE Million Dollar Producer workshop.  For more information visit

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