Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Results from Your Real Estate Facebook Page

The real estate business is highly social, since your whole day revolves around communication. You must converse with clients, and network with business professionals, while following up on leads. This means that when trying to market your real estate services or business, you must employ highly sociable skills to get the right results. Social media has been a revelation for real estate agents, because you get easy access to consumers, and can engage with them easily.
However, most real estate agents struggle to get the desired results from their real estate page on Facebook, which could be down to several factors. Real estate professionals realize that to attract attention on social media, they must post frequently. However, there is a thin line between overdoing it, and recent statistics show that real estate professionals post the most on social media, but fail to generate any meaningful interaction from them.
If you are a real estate professional struggling to get results from your real estate Facebook page, these could be the mistakes you are making:

1. Posting predictable and self-serving posts

It could be that the posts you are sharing on Facebook, could be predictable and self-serving. The common posts would be about open house announcements, property listings, and statements about how you can help people buy or sell property. All these posts are centered around you, and people on social media don’t have time for self-serving posts.
To get more interaction on your posts, you must place the reader first, and add value for them. If you struggle to share posts other than the ones serving your interests, your social media content will be pushed down, and less people will like them.

2. Your posts don’t reflect your personality

What makes your posts different than the rest? It could be that you aren’t posting anything meaningful, and are struggling to make an impression on others. The real estate industry is ultra-competitive, and if you want to make an impact with your posts, you must let your personality shine through. If you specialize in specific properties or have skills other than those as a real estate agent, use them.
Try to set your brand apart from others on Facebook, which is what will get your Facebook page attention.

3. There is no consistency

The problem with trying to be different from others on social media is that you could easily overdo it and your posts don’t have any consistency. If you want your social media strategy to be successful, you must place emphasis on being consistent, with the frequency of your posts. You must focus on special features that set your brand apart, and post them consistently.
Be creative about the whole process, and conduct monthly trivia contests or giveaways, which will change the perception of people about your brand. It will lead to higher engagement, which results in lead generation and more activity on your real estate Facebook page.
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