The Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Win Clients on Facebook

Most homebuyers will prefer searching for their ideal property online before they reach out to a real estate agent because social media and the internet have made everything so accessible. One study has stated that 84% of baby boomers and 94% of millennials use different websites when searching for property. Homebuyers are also using social media increasingly regularly, and this suggests that real estate agents that are already marketing on Facebook have the best chances of winning clients.
There are a lot of real estate agents who feel intimidated by social media or are skeptical of the results that others have gotten from it. However, it has been proven without a doubt that there are lots of different methods you can employ to drive engagement and attract clients on Facebook. We are going to share some of the best ideas you can use in your social marketing efforts for real estate. These are:

1. Create a Facebook group & participate in local groups

Facebook plans on releasing a new feature that will link a Facebook Page with a Facebook Group. This feature is going to be very beneficial for real estate agents, since it will allow them to deliver more personalized services to clients. They will be able to harness the power of Facebook Groups and network with other groups by helping them out in the buying or selling process.

2. Go LIVE at a property

One of the best ways to win clients on Facebook is by using the Facebook LIVE feature. There aren’t many real estate agents who have used this feature to go behind-the-scenes, and provide an un-edited look of a property to their customers. If you are looking to promote a property, this is a great way to market it since it gives viewers the inside scoop and a first-hand look at the home. This will lead to higher engagement on your Facebook page, and more clients for your business.

3. 360 photo or video

You can also take advantage of the brilliant 360-degree photos and videos option on Facebook as it allows you to take wide-angle shots that are exhilarating and beautiful. It gives people the unique advantage of feeling as if they are standing in that room, and get a complete 360-degree view of the room. You can create a new photo or video for each room, or if there is a wide-open floor plan.

4. Sponsor a local event

Another great way to engage your audience on Facebook and target your local community is by sponsoring a local event that you care about. It will give you more interesting content, and will generate interest about your real estate business among your followers. It will also demonstrate that you take interest in important causes.

5. Stay relevant after closing

You won’t always get repeat clients, but you never know when something works in your favor. That is why you should aim to stay relevant, even after closing a sale. This will also build trust among your followers as they will see you as someone who actively takes an interest in the lives of their customers.
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