The Best Ways for Real Estate Agents to Advertise on Facebook

All real estate agents must familiarize themselves with Facebook marketing, so that they can advertise successfully on the social media platform. It isn’t always easy to get results from Facebook marketing, and with the recent updates made to the News Feed on Facebook, things aren’t going to get easier. Facebook Ads are the best investment you are going to make when advertising on the platform, but there are other methods that you can employ as well.
We will share some of the best ways real estate agents can advertise on Facebook, and the different processes they must employ when posting on the social media platform. So, here are the best ways for real estate agents to advertise on Facebook:

1. Posting (ABC) Photos

Real estate agents are posting on Facebook to sell houses, and all salesmen have the motto ‘always be closing’ or ABC. Even though you must move towards the sale, you should try to mix things up for generating interest. When posting on Facebook, real estate agents should place less emphases on closing the sale, and more towards change. This means constantly changing cover photos with pictures of homes for sale, which will get more interaction.

2. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook is filled with data, and Insights helps you make sense of that, by providing you with key information like household size, job role, relationship status, education, lifestyle, gender, age, and more. You should use Facebook insights to align your posts with the interests of your audience, to get more results from advertising.

3. Use Comedy to Promote Your Page

Everybody loves humor, and by adding a bit of comedy to your posts, you are going to generate a lot of interest and followers quickly. However, you mustn’t come across as unprofessional, and focus on making clever jokes and using lighthearted humor. This will not only engage your audience, but keep them entertained and waiting for more of your posts.

4. Share Interesting Facts

Just posting pictures of beautiful homes and witty puns isn’t going to cut it. You must add value into the lives of your audience and educate them by sharing interesting facts about real estate. This is a great way to engage your audience, and makes it easier for you to sell houses to them.

5. Respond to Comments

It isn’t a secret that if you post regularly on Facebook, you must also engage with your audience to develop their interest in your services. Always respond to comments, and get more people talking on your posts, because the more interaction you create the more visible your posts become.

6. Use Testimonials

You can add testimonials to your Facebook, and encourage your customers to post reviews about your services. Social media is a powerful tool, and people will be more likely to conduct business with you, if you have testimonials approving your services.
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