Tips to Find New Properties in Atlanta Real Estate without Using Craigslist

It could be a little difficult for new Atlanta GA real estate agents to find new properties. Craigslist is considered the most credible source to find new apartments and homes in any neighborhood. However, there are many sources other than Craigslist, which you can use to find properties. Here I have penned down some tips for you.

Apartment List Websites

There many national and local websites providing lists about apartments and houses for sale. Atlanta GA real estate agents can look for local listing websites or customize national websites for residential and commercial real estate Atlanta.

Scouting in the Community

Many real estate markets work in the format of area distribution. The realtors distribute areas among each other and share projects according to the divisions. However, real estate in Atlanta Georgia works in a little different way. Atlanta GA real estate agents need to establish links in the community. Referrals and prospects are the associates who work to find out new properties in town by scouting out and find ‘for rent’ or ‘for sale’ signs. They have links and contacts in the community and utilize these links to find out new properties.

Social Media

You can use many other sources like LinkedIn groups, Twitter groups, Facebook pages and many other social media forums. Social media is also a great way to connect with more people and find more people with sales potential in your locality.

Online and Mobile Apps

Many online and mobile device tools can also be used to hunt new properties and homes. Most of the apps are not specific to residential or commercial real estate Atlanta. Some useful real estate apps include Hotpads, Lovely, Trulia, and Walkscore.

2Check Daily Newspapers and Magazines

Apart from Atlanta real estate magazines, you can also find countless properties in real estate section of daily newspapers. Make sure to contact the buyer or seller immediately to get the deal.

Contact People You Know

Despite having very busy routine, Atlanta GA real estate agents should take out time to contact their old friends, college colleagues, and school friends. Establish casual relationships to get more information about properties.

Join Community Boards

Local community boards, councils and communities share relevant information with realtors. The information includes not only business tips but also the lists of properties for sale and rent in your locality. Joining business groups and professional communities in real estate Atlanta Georgia market would provide you handful information about current market statistics.

Apart from these tips, I also suggest you to keep checking authentic information sources like Craigslist to get listings and information about property trends

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