Top 15 Strategies to Get More Listings

When it comes to getting listings – which is the bread and butter of every real estate agent – a low inventory market can be problematic because it can get difficult to get more listings. It is a national issue because no one is putting up their property for sale in this market. However, the best real estate agents in the country are still getting listings, so what is holding you back?

If you are a real estate agent who is struggling to get listings, we are going to discuss the top 15 strategies that’ll help you get more listings. Here they are:

1. Look for expired and withdrawn listings

Struggling to get listings? You should go old school, and look for expired and withdrawn listings. There may be properties that have been unsold and are still on the market.

2. Capture seller contacts at open houses

You don’t need to search for old listings when you can get seller contacts by visiting open houses.

3. Search Zillow’s Make Me Move

You can also search Zillow’s Make Me Move, which is a great tool for all real estate agents who are looking for more listings.

4. Explore rental listings

If you’re not finding any luck in listings for properties that are under buy or sell, you can explore rental listings, which have more variety and options.

5. Target moving sale on local newspapers

You can also check out the local newspapers to come across moving sales that are happening in your local neighborhood.

6. Send a happy anniversary card

Another way to get more listings is by sending happy anniversary cards to homeowners and sellers, so that they remember you the next time they want to deal with a real estate agent.

7. Find the empty nesters

You can also acquire more listings by finding the empty nesters and taking advantage from there.

8. Social media prospecting for listings

If nothing is working for you, one of the best ways to get more listings is to use social media and market for listings over there.

9. Knock on doors of “For Sale by Owners”


Not all home sellers have contacts with real estate agents, and you can use that to your advantage by knocking on the doors of people who have put up ‘For Sale by Owner’ signs on their property.

10. The multi-property investor

You can also get more listings by targeting multi-property investors who will be willing to share their listings with you.

11. Prospecting by use code

If nothing is helping you get more listings, you can start prospecting by use code, which will allow you to target properties in other areas.

12. Take over top agent business

When push comes to shove, you must show who is boss, and take over a top agent business, so that you can get access to more listings.

13. Defaulted property listings

If you want to further increase listings, you should check out the defaulted property listings, and add them to your listings.

14. Out of area investor owners

There may be lots of out of area investor owners, and you can make the difference by getting in touch with them and getting more listings.

15. Geographic and demographic prospecting

You can also start prospecting based on demographic and geographic preferences, which will get you more listings easily.

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