Top Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents in Atlanta

The real estate agents in Atlanta always face the challenge to increase their time on the road by making their office mobile. This is surely a demanding task, but in recent times there are many amazing mobile Apps available which will greatly assist you in managing your time and set you apart from other real estate agents.


If you want to get in touch with your customer on a very short notice and wish to leave them a message, then Slydial is the app for you. You just need to dial 267-Slydial and then after the prompt, you need to dial the phone number of your client and you’ll be able to leave your message in their voicemail.


Do you ever feel tempted to listen to a voicemail but hesitate to do so in a crowd? Well in that case, YouMail is here for your rescue. It’s a free app which offers a diverse range of voicemail solutions, such as transcription, which effectively converts voicemails into text messages. So you can easily read your voicemail in a few seconds!

As a busy real estate agent in Atlanta, you try to work and drive at the same time which puts you in extreme danger. If you need to read a text message urgently while driving, then is an astounding app which reads emails and text messages aloud while you drive. You simply need to activate this app while you’re driving then turn it off later.


If you ever feel threatened or uneasy in a particular situation or on a strange location, then you must opt for the mobile App of MyForce. It’s a mobile bodyguard. You simply need to put this app in a ready mode and then with a single button click you can activate MyForce of your existing location. The emergency personnel of MyForce will listen to the audio of your mobile device if you can’t personally talk to the operator. Since you’ll be preregistered, MyForce will know your emergency contacts and description and it’ll take immediate measures for your rescue.


It is common for a real estate agent in Atlanta to be constantly on the move. Now you can easily track your mileage and keep its record with the amazing mobile app Milog. This app will have a complete record of your mileage details which can be used for tax or reimbursement purposes.

This spectacular mobile app scans business cards and receipts from your computer or mobile phone and documents them in a secure and effective online account. You can also feed an envelope of receipts and this App will scrutinize, scan and upload them for you in just 9 dollars per month.


This handy app makes you use Google Docs from anywhere you want. With the help of this app, you can easily view, scan and share your important Google documents even when you’re miles away from your office.

All the real estate agents in Atlanta should make good use of these spectacular mobile Apps and increase their business and productivity by many folds!

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