How to Use Facebook to Get More Leads

Real estate industry has become highly competitive over the past few years because of the career and wealth-building opportunities it offers to the real estate agents. We have seen a rapid increase in Atlanta real estate agent careers advertisements being published by real estate firms that are looking for top real estate producers to stay ahead of their competitors. As a result, real estate agents are looking for ways to increase their lead generation capacity in order to survive and grow in Atlanta’s thriving real estate market.
I have discussed the importance of using social media in real estate prospecting several times before. Today, I am sharing some tips and tricks that we use at Platinum Real Estate to find leads and listings on Facebook. Use these simple yet effective techniques and you’re sure to notice a significant difference in the effectiveness of your prospecting efforts.

1.     Add Call-to-Action to Your Facebook Cover Photo

The cover photo of your Facebook page is your first touch-point on this platform that connects you to billions of prospective customers. Therefore, make sure that it looks appealing and contains a call-to-action. Design a cover photo that contains information about some special offer or a link to your landing page. For example, I am offering an eBook on social media marketing for real estate agents for free download. So, I can add this to my Facebook cover photo and direct more traffic to Also, when adding a link to the landing page, make sure that it’s short and easy to read because you obviously cannot add an external link to your cover photo.

2.     Post Interesting Content and Don’t Forget to Add Links

The importance of sharing interesting and relevant content with your Facebook community cannot be overemphasized. However, an interesting post without a call-to-action is of no value to you in terms of leads and conversion. Since Facebook allows businesses to add call-to-actions to picture captions and posts, you should take advantage of it and add a link to your landing page to direct more traffic to your website. Make sure that you’re using or tinyurl to make your post look clean and clutter free. Use this technique in combination with long tail keywords, such as Atlanta real estate agent careers to capture more leads.

3.     Use Facebook Events to Publicize Your Seminars and Workshops

Leveraging on the virality of Facebook, you can publicize your events to a large number of online users. Make use of Facebook event to publicize your event as well as to capture emails to create a mailing list. You can do this by creating a separate registration page on your website. Add a link to that page in your event description and you’re sure to capture hundreds of leads.
Finding success in this industry that offers numerous Atlanta real estate agent careers opportunities is not easy. Using these three simple means, you can find more leads on Facebook and use your negotiation and marketing skills to convert them into potential clients.
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