5 Social Media Marketing Ideas and Tips for Atlanta GA Real Estate Agents in 2016

Working in an offline person-to-person scenario, real estate agents are perfect to negotiate, bargain, convince and sell. But very few of them dare to enter the big picture, the digital world of social media, which has now become an undoubted factor to boost your sales. I believe that social media does not only connect people but it also builds trust and offers bigger opportunities to Atlanta GA real estate agents.

A professional website with complete contact information is not enough to survive. The modern social media takes in not only social networking websites but mobile markets as well. If you are still feared of getting your hands on social media as Atlanta real estate agent then here are some tips to make your voyage easier.

Modern Website and Social Media Page

Modern website refers to a story-telling parallax scrolling one-page design that impresses your followers and customers on social media when you share the website with them. Apart from that, the social media pages also need to be revamped. You cannot make an impact with simple Facebook page or Twitter group. Integrate social media apps with your pages and groups to customize the pages.

Use Hashtags

As a primary source of interconnecting people from similar platforms, hashtags are simply wondrous for marketing purposes. Do not hesitate to use more than five hashtags on your social media pages.

Keep Tracking Analytics

It is vital for Atlanta GA real estate agents to keep a track of their audiences not only in Atlanta but in related zones as well. Tracking the number of users and their feedback can help you remodel your business policies as well as secure your deals by bringing more useful, creditable and authentic dealers in the business.

Use Variety of Media for Information Delivery

Social media allows you to communicate with your audiences in a variety of ways; photos, text content, videos, infographs, webinars, and others. Instead of writing full story of your business years, create a short video including testimonials and success stories. These different types of media have different impacts on human psychologies and can help Atlanta real estate agents gain trust and expand customer base by personalizing B2C communication.

Share Everything Related or Not

A majority of the Atlanta GA real estate agents make mistake of sharing related content only. it is perfectly OK to share content that is not related with your business but it is interesting. Just make sure that it is neither controversial nor it hurts human sentiments in any form.

Social media marketing is not different from discussions and information exchange on your office table. Use images, give free tips and ideas, request feedback and get customers involved to improve your social media marketing campaign. You can also use social media to keep yourself updated about recent trends in real estate in Atlanta Georgia.

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