Why Social Media is not a Luxury but a Need for Atlanta Real Estate Agents Today?

Have you ever tried searching your name or your Atlanta real estate agency’s name on Google or other search engines? You might see your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles but if you are not actively using social media the right way then these profiles are definitely not beneficial for your business.

The use of social media is one of the hottest topics in Atlanta real estate market. Many Atlanta GA real estate agents have adapted to social media by blogging. Here I would say that blogging benefits only when you have an established considerably good customer base. I believe that in this digital age, social media is benefitting businessmen especially real estate agents just the way print ads used to benefit during industrial revolution era. Here are some ways in which social media helps you achieve your business goals.

Building Brand Reputation

Corporations and multinational brands build positive public reputation by marketing with philanthropists or associating their brand with a cause like education and environment-friendliness. But the nature of real estate business is different from other types of businesses. The Atlanta GA real estate agents need to directly interact with the audiences and share testimonials and public experiences with them to build effective brand reputation.

Social media allows you to share stories with your potential audience in the form of texts, photos, videos, infographics and other forms of media. It also allows you to track your current residential and commercial real estate Atlanta market reputation by tracking customer feedback and monitor social media analytics regularly.


Real estate was, is and would always be about interpersonal relationships. Social media provides you countless opportunities to connect with people and establish networks to sell more, expand your business, and achieve all your business goals. Apart from establishing future relationships, it also allows you to stay in touch with your past relationships in Atlanta real estate to benefit at any stage of business.

Globalizing Operations

The trend of outsourcing has penetrated almost all types of businesses. Atlanta GA real estate agents can also outsource operations like research, networking and recruiting. The benefit, you ask. Well, globalizing operations allows you to pick the most efficient, most effective and best-suited talent from any part of the world.

Diversified Marketing

Do you want to inform all real estate agents in your zone and associated zones about new listings? Do you want to inform people about your extended services? Are you interested in expanding business to other zones as well? Do you want to attract customers from other zones? Social media helps you earn all these benefits simply by diversifying your Atlanta real estate marketing campaigns.

Having said that, it is quite safe to believe that social media has become a need for Atlanta real estate agents. It is not a luxury anymore. With every sunrise, thousands of more people become a part of social media generation which means that delaying another moment to join the league may not result in what you want for your business.

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