Million Dollar Producer: Negotiation & Salesmanship Workshop

Luther Ragsdale’s One-Day Free Workshop On

Million Dollar Producer

Negotiation & Salesmanship Workshop

When: Saturday, July 23, 2016

Time:  9:00 am – 5:15 pm

Place:  Cobb Galleria Centre, 2 Galleria Parkway Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30339

Cost:  FREE

Have you had a meeting with a potential client but you couldn’t secure the deal?

Is your closing ratio declining day by day?

Are you prospecting for hours but your efforts don’t just seem to work?

Do you think something’s missing – something that’s inhibiting you from becoming a great real estate agent?

This workshop provides you some knockout tips and tricks that will boost your negotiation skills and help achieve a ‘Yes’ from clients every single time.

Register today to learn the secrets of real estate negotiation from renowned real estate coach and consultant – Luther Ragsdale

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About the Presenter
Luther Ragsdale, the renowned name of Atlanta’s real estate industry, is the presenter of this one-day workshop. He is a proud self-made multi-millionaire real broker.
With over 25 years of real estate experience and several successful million-dollar real estate deals under his belt, Luther Ragsdale has mentored and coached thousands of real estate agents and has inspired them to achieve new career heights.
Luther has conducted several workshops, training and coaching programs, and seminars on real estate prospecting, marketing, and wealth-building. He is the author of several top-rated real estate eBooks and training manuals.
About the Workshop
Negotiation is a key skill for all salespeople, and since selling real estate is one of the many roles of a real estate agent, it is empirical for a real estate agent to master this skill that can help them secure or lose potential million-dollar real estate deals. Real estate and negotiation are so intertwined that without a deep expertise in either, a real estate agent may fail to progress.
In today’s hypercompetitive real estate industry, what differentiates great real estate professionals is their ability to close deals at their own terms while maintaining a good relationship with the client, so that the client will want to do business with them again. While this may sound simple and straightforward, achieving this perfect balance in reality is quite difficult.
A real estate agent not only has to understand their client and their needs and expectations, they are also required to use their negotiation and persuasion skills to get the client buy or sell a property. Often times, a real estate agent is also required to negotiate with another real estate on behalf of their client. The entire process requires great negotiation skills and tact.
Considering the importance of negotiation skills to the success of a real estate agent, Luther Ragsdale, a renowned real estate mentor, has designed this real estate workshop that delivers all the information a real estate agent may need to negotiate with the client and close the deal.
The real estate industry is booming, but even today, you find real estate agents who are struggling to close a real estate deal. They prospect consistently, capture the leads, and set listing appointments, but even then, they fail to convert their leads into customers. This happens majorly because they lack the negotiation and persuasion skills required to negotiate an agreement and convince the client to sell or buy the property.
Therefore, I have designed this one-day workshop to assist real estate agents in sharpening their negotiation skills. The workshop contains information and activities that will help the participants better understand the human dynamics involves in negotiation and different negotiation approaches that a real estate professional should apply to their practice.” – Luther Ragsdale
Learning Milestones of the Workshop

  • Step-by-step system for creating a sales plan for success
  • How to use scripts to list and sell more real estate
  • Tips for planning and executing a live listing presentation
  • Tips for preparing a live buyer’s presentation
  • How to overcome clients’ objections
  • How to sell real estate without being a salesperson
  • How to ask and negotiate a deal
  • How to calculate and improve your conversion rate
  • Reasons that contribute to reduced conversion rate and how to overcome them
  • Tactics to win the trust of your client
  • How to develop a winning attitude and close more deals
  • Listing on Budget – How to list properties at a minimal cost
  • How to provide great service to your customers

Who Should Attend
“Perfecting Your Pitch” is a must-attend workshop for every real estate agent who wants to get past the ‘No’ and achieve a ‘Yes’ from even the most price-phobic clients. The workshop particularly benefits:

  • Real estate agents who are disappointed and disheartened with their decreasing conversion ratios
  • Real estate who get great results from their prospecting efforts but fail to convert leads into customers
  • Real estate veterans who want to polish their negotiation skills and improve their career outlook in today’s revolutionized real estate landscape
  • Inactive real estate agents who want to relearn the processes and understand the new, dynamic marketplace

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Registration is limited to the first 50 agents, on a first come first served basis. So, register today to learn the secrets of negotiating real estate deals from Luther Ragsdale.