4 Ways to Give New Life to Dead Leads

Every business has thousands of dead leads that never went anywhere. You might have given up hope then, but there are several ways to revive those dead leads. There are several reasons why you should follow up with dead leads. Not only will it increase your sales, but the effort that you put into bringing life into those dead leads might just get you loyal customers for life. Here are a few ways to revive dead leads in real estate.

Getting Leads in the Real Estate Business

1. Do Your Research

This is your second chance. You absolutely cannot mess it up, so make sure to be thorough. Clients that told you they didn’t need your help at the time might need it now, so you need to be there for them. Call your old potential buyers and let them know that you’re ready to help them out through the whole process. Don’t overwhelm them like all the other realtors are probably doing but instead, make them realize that you truly are the one for them.

2. Show Them You Care

You’re in the real estate business, so you obviously talk to a lot of people. The trick is to be personal. Let them know that you care about them – not just about the business they’re bringing you. For the customers you know personal information about, try not to send them automated e-mails, but instead, send personalized emails so they know you care.
If your buyers feel appreciated by your efforts, they will automatically realize that you’re not like other realtors. You don’t just care about the sale but also the people that will live in the property that you’re selling. Everybody loves being a part of something, and we believe that making your potential buyers feel special is a unique way to grab their attention.

3. Send E-mails to Remind Them about You

There is a huge chance that your old potential buyers might have forgotten about you. Just like you forgot about the dead leads, they forgot about you. A great way to revive these dead leads is by sending them e-mails. Let them know you’re still in business and looking to help!
Invite them to subscribe to your e-mail marketing list so they can get regular e-mail updates from you and easily keep up with all the up and coming houses and all the hot neighborhoods.
Keep in mind that you shouldn’t bombard them with emails. Instead, send them emails at a proper frequency – not so infrequently that they forget about you, but not so frequently that they get annoyed with you.

4. Tell Them about Yourself

Perhaps the most important way to revive an old lead is by telling them about yourself. What you and your business stand for and how you have changed over time. It is important for your audience to know and hear about your growth – what you’ve learned from your mistakes and what worked. This will make it easy for them to open up and trust you.

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