10 Steps to Developing a Killer Listing Presentation

If you are like me, you would want to close leads on a regular basis and move on to bigger and better ones. In this case, you will definitely need to fine-tune your communication skills a notch or two. A simple pre-sale polite conversation simply won’t do. This is why you should take a look at these steps to create the perfect listing presentation.

1. Build A Vibrant Online Persona

This is the online generation and you have to make sure that you keep up with the times. You should use your social media channels website and blog as tools to demonstrate your core competencies.

2. Monitor Your Online Presence Constantly

Check and see what Google throws up every time someone searches your name. You can use Google alerts to check and see when someone clicks on your name or site.

3. Practice Your Presentation Skills As Much As You Can

If you are not a confident public speaker, try and get a friend or colleague to help you out. You can practice your presentation skills in both public and private until you can present flawlessly in front of your clients.

4. Broadcast Your Story

Create a short bio that will tell your story in around 75 words or less. It should have enough material to cover the main highlights of your career. This will show anyone the advantages of working with you.

5. Positive Reviews And Other Social Proofs

Testimonials and professional reviews are very important in the real estate business. After all, huge amounts are involved, and people don’t just want to trust random strangers. This is why you should take the time to collect testimonials from your satisfied clients, whenever possible.

6. Showcase Your Personal Laurels

Your stellar success record is definitely worth sharing with your clients, colleagues, and other people around you. A prospective seller would want to know if you have the experience and the expertise to sell his home. Similarly, a prospective buyer will have the same expectations as well.

7. Adopt Differentiation

You should differentiate yourself from all the other agents that are in the market. If you have an assistant or are a part of a team that can handle large and complex assignments, you should let them know that.

8. Have a Marketing Plan Up And Ready

The real estate sector is a highly competitive market this is why you have to think outside the box to beat back the other players in this field. A comprehensive marketing plan will help a lot. It should include the following factors:

  • Website advertising strategy
  • Special virtual tours
  • Staging resources
  • Video marketing and above all else A whole lot of creativity

9. Do Your Research Beforehand

You should conduct both online and offline research before making a listing presentation. The area property rates, the price of the property, maps, mortgage records, and other relevant information should be included in your research.

10. Identify Seller Motivation

You should know why a homeowner is selling their property. Do they need funds for investment, post-retirement or kids’ education or anything else? Once you know why a seller is interested in selling his house, you will be better able to find them the right price.


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