Practical Strategies To Increase Your Closings In The Fourth Quarter 2019

The fourth and last quarter is well and truly upon us, and there are barely two months left in the year for you to max out on your listings and to clinch more sales and earn more income. This is the part of the year where the real estate sector slows down, and many committed agents become focused on 2020 goals. You can take advantage of this slowdown by putting more and more agents in the field to create closings and thereby ensure additional income in January and the coming quarter!

Establish Or Review Your Year-End Aims And Objectives

Objectives drive not just strategies but also tactics and execution in real estate deals. You should review your main established goals before the start of the quarter.
You should evaluate your individual closing quota or, in case you work with a team, you should also take into consideration the objectives of the whole team. The last quarter is the best time to determine if you have met your closing expectations or your goes were too unrealistic. If your team has already exceeded its third-quarter milestones you might consider raising the bar to 110 percent.

Adopt the Three Month Rule

Whatever you were doing three months ago is precisely why your month today is so busy now. This means by inference that whatever you are doing now, will be the key factor three months down the road. If you really want to have a highly profitable 2020, you should get busy now. Start making appointments and look for good listings in order to create the income that you want in the coming quarter.
Remember that deals in this sector take a lot of time to materialize, so make sure that your coming months will pay rich dividends by working hard today.

Don’t Slow Down Now

It is important that you refrain from slowing down in the fourth quarter. In fact, you should work harder and focus on creating increasingly more opportunities as well as leads.
You can create valuable opportunities by being highly proactive and making them happen. Take some time out to make appointments by calling people. Check for expired listings and reinvigorate them. Make it a point to call up sellers and buyers and finally take a look at past and current clients.

Go Out in the Field

Above all else, make it a point of canvassing your area and going for visits.  Real estate closings for the fourth quarter can only take place if you take your clients on visit after visit until they find their dream home.


A lot of houses and other property will be sold in the coming months. You should be the real estate agent who ends the year with a record-breaking quarter!
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