Five Reasons Why a Buyer Should Always Do a Walk through 24 Hours before Closing

It has been my observation that for many people buying a new home can feel a bit like running a full-fledged marathon. You will have to stay completely focused throughout the whole journey, starting from the initial mortgage application to the home shopping process to getting a final pre-purchase home inspection.
However, the culmination of this journey can occur quite abruptly at the time of the final walk through. It does not matter how smitten you are with your dream house—you must never skip this crucial step before making the purchase of a lifetime. Here are a few final walkthrough tips that will help you to close the deal and start shifting to your new home.

1.      You Have To Understand That Your Final Walk-Through Cannot Take the Place of a Home Inspection

The whole purpose of the final walk-through is to ensure that the home is in the same condition as when you last saw it. Suppose if some items of furniture were included in the sale, you should make sure that the owners have not shifted them to their new home. And if you feel that anything is missing you can either walk away from the deal or demand that they lower their prices.

2.      Who Should Accompany You on Your Final Walkthrough

As a general rule, the final walkthrough is almost always attended by the buyer and his agent. It is not necessary for the seller or his agent to be present during the inspection. This will give the buyer complete freedom of movement to inspect the property at their own time, without feeling any sort of pressure from the seller.

3.      The Best Time for a Walkthrough Is Just before Signing the Deal

The best time to do a final walk-through of your chosen property is within 24 of the closing date. You should ask your real estate agent to help you set an approximate time with the seller’s agent so that you will be able to access the property at your convenience.

4.      You Should Take Your Time

There is no need to rush it. After all,  a house is worth a lot of money and the last thing you want to do is to overlook something. If it’s a tiny studio apartment, it might take you 15 minutes to do a full and complete walk-through. On the other hand, larger properties may even take upwards of a couple of hours. Since this is essentially your very last chance to give your new house a final once-over, remember not to rush it.

5.      Communicate Any Issues That You May Find

In case you find something wrong, you don’t have to walk away. You can simply ask the owners to handle the issue and give them a few days to get it done. If they still fail to do it then you will be well within your rights to let go of the property.


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