Monthly Archives: April 2016

How to Choose the Best Specialty as a Real Estate Agent

When I started my real estate career almost 25 years ago at Platinum Real Estate, I decided to serve the masses. I served both residential and commercial clients and helped them find their dream homes or perfect corporate facilities. But being a full-service real estate agent required great amount of hard work and dedication. Today,…
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Top Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents in Atlanta

The real estate agents in Atlanta always face the challenge to increase their time on the road by making their office mobile. This is surely a demanding task, but in recent times there are many amazing mobile Apps available which will greatly assist you in managing your time and set you apart from other real…
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The Process of Closing a Short Sale in Atlanta real estate

Short sales take place when properties are sold for much less than is owed, leaving negative balances or sale proceeds. Such sales are conducted like most other real estate sales, but the lenders of the sellers are highly involved in the whole closing procedure. Following is the proper process of closing a short sale deal…
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