Keys to purchasing leads from Zillow

Maintaining a solid online presence is the utmost requirement to succeeding in the real estate business today. For a real estate agent, it is very important to be active on various networks. As such, Zillow is the largest database of online real estate agents, buyers, and sellers and connects all of them. Therefore, it is

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How to Analyze the Best County or Sub-Division to Farm

Geographic farming has remained one of the most effective techniques to find and sell real estate listings. However, in order to earn maximum benefit from farming, it is important that a real estate agent selects the best location after careful evaluation. Just like real farming, the success of geographic farming highly depends on where you

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Branding Yourself as a Top Real Estate Agent

It is said that products are developed in factories but brands are created in a consumer’s mind. The aim of a product and service is more or less the same: to satisfy the basic need of a user. The factor that differentiates between two different businesses is the brand’s image. It is thus, very important

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How to Use Facebook to Get More Leads

Real estate industry has become highly competitive over the past few years because of the career and wealth-building opportunities it offers to the real estate agents. We have seen a rapid increase in Atlanta real estate agent careers advertisements being published by real estate firms that are looking for top real estate producers to stay

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Is Email Marketing a Useful Tool for Real Estate Agents?

You must have heard about email marketing, but if you’re not sure about its usefulness to a real estate agent, this post is for you. Over the past few years, real estate marketing has completely transformed. Techniques that were used almost ten years ago have been replaced by newer prospecting and marketing methods, particularly social

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